University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering


Engineering General Resources (EGR)



The EGR office is committed to…


  • Fostering a welcoming, inclusive and supportive learning environment for EGR and other students interested in engineering
  • Providing services (including courses) of the highest quality that help our students develop and enrich their academic abilities, personal aspirations, and professional goals
  • Facilitating students’ entry into and success within engineering departments or subsequent degree-granting programs
  • Continuously improving our services and courses through interaction with


  • Engineering departments, centers and programs
  • UW-Madison students, programs and student services organizations
  • Prospective engineering students and their parents
  • K-12 educators, collaborators on other campuses, and pre-college programs



…thereby contributing to recruiting and retaining a diverse community of highly-qualified, engaged and enthusiastic engineering undergraduates.