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Department Admission Requirements


Students entering the College of Engineering in fall 2015 or later must complete the General College Requirements or GCR15 to meet admission or progression requirements into a degree-granting department.

To be considered for departmental admission, EGR and EGRT students must complete the General College Requirements (GCR). EGR and EGRT students will be reviewed under both GCR and GCR15 criteria. Please review the Summary of the GCR and GCR15 options.


On the tabs below are descriptions of the current GCR- the regulations for current engineering students, the GCR15, and the answers to questions about the two.

General College Requirements


To be considered for admission to a degree-granting classification, a student must have the following General College Requirements (GCR) prior to entering a degree-granting program in the College of Engineering. To meet the GCR, students must satisfy all five specific requirements, earn at least 24 degree credits with a grade point average of at least 2.00 for all courses, and earn a Math/Science grade point average of at least 2.50 of specified calculus, statistics, chemistry, computer science, statics and physics courses. The courses which apply to calculating the Math/Science GPA can be found on the Math/Science GPA calculator form.


Specific requirements:


  • Fulfillment of Communication A General Education Requirement*
  • Physics*: either EMA 201 or Physics 201
  • Chemistry *: Either Chem 109 or Chem103/104 or 115
  • Introduction to Engineering course** from either:
    • InterEGR 160: Introduction to Engineering Design
    • InterEGR 101: Contemporary Issues in the Engineering Profession (Fall semester only)
    • InterEGR 102: Introduction to Society's Engineering Grand Challenges
    • InterEGR 103: Core Competencies for Engineering Leaders
    • InterEGR 111: Introduction to the Engineering Design Process and Profession
    • Naval Science 301: Naval Engineering (Only fulfills the Introduction to Engineering Requirement for Naval ROTC Students)
    • CS/ECE 252: Intro to Computer Engineering (Required for Computer Engineering Majors)
    • GLE 171: Introduction to Geological Engineering (Spring semester only)
  • Math*: Math 221 (or 217 or 275) and 222 (or 276)


* Credit will be given for appropriate AP, transfer work, or other advanced standing credits.


**Recommended but not required for transfer students.

General College Requirements (GCR) Handout 


Related college regulation: (College regulation 3.b)


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