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General College Requirements


To be considered for admission to a degree-granting classification, a student must have the following General College Requirements (GCR) prior to entering a degree-granting program in the College of Engineering. To meet the GCR, students must satisfy all five specific requirements, earn at least 24 degree credits with a grade point average of at least 2.00 for all courses, and earn a Math/Science grade point average of at least 2.50 of specified calculus, statistics, chemistry, computer science, statics and physics courses. The courses which apply to calculating the Math/Science GPA can be found on the Math/Science GPA calculator form.


Specific requirements:


  • Fulfillment of Communication A General Education Requirement*
  • Physics*: either EMA 201 or Physics 201
  • Chemistry *: Either Chem 109 or Chem103/104 or 115
  • Introduction to Engineering course** from either:
    • InterEGR 160: Introduction to Engineering Design
    • InterEGR 101: Contemporary Issues in the Engineering Profession (Fall semester only)
    • InterEGR 102: Introduction to Society's Engineering Grand Challenges
    • InterEGR 103: Core Competencies for Engineering Leaders
    • InterEGR 111: Introduction to the Engineering Design Process and Profession
    • Naval Science 301: Naval Engineering (Only fulfills the Introduction to Engineering Requirement for Naval ROTC Students)
    • CS/ECE 252: Intro to Computer Engineering (Required for Computer Engineering Majors)
  • Math*: Math 221 (or 217 or 275) and 222 (or 276)


* Credit will be given for appropriate AP, transfer work, or other advanced standing credits.


**Recommended but not required for transfer students.





General College Requirements (GCR) Handout 










Related college regulation: (College regulation 3.b)