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Academic advising for current undergraduate students


EGR Student - Individual Advising

All EGR students are welcome at any time to discuss a wide variety of topics with their advisor including:


  • Personal interests and career goals
  • Majors in or outside of engineering
  • Curriculum requirements and course selection
  • Academic support, such as tutoring services and study groups
  • Admission to engineering departments
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Campus resources and services
  • Referrals for nonacademic problems


To schedule an appointment call 608-262-2473 or stop by the EGR Office in Engineering Centers Building in room 1002 - 1st floor by the elevator








Non-EGR students who have not yet met with an EGR advisor please click here to learn how to sign up for a College of Engineering Information Session.


EGR Drop-In Advising

Drop in advising is not available during the summer due to SOAR. Advisor are still available for advising appointments either in person or over the phone. If you would like to talk with an advisor please call 608-262-2473. 



This is a first come, first-served type of appointment and expected to address quick questions. Appointments are 15 minutes or less. The Drop-In advising schedule will start the week of September 14, 2015. Starting November 2nd Drop in advising will be suspended until the end of the month. Advisors will have 15 minute sign up sheets throughout the whole month for students with questions regarding classes for next semester.


Advisor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Beth Dawson

9-11 AM
Katie Bleier
9-11 AM


Bonnie Schmidt

10-11 AM
1-2 PM
César Martinez
11-1 PM
Mo O'Connor

10 AM-12 PM

10am -12pm

(only on 4/24/15)

Rachel Doss

2-4 PM
Jennifer Vogel
 —  — 2-4 PM
 —  —
Jennifer Brown
 — 2-4 PM
 —  —  —


EGR Group Advising Event (Fall & Spring)

As EGR students you will have a registration hold and are required to receive advising before registering for your upcoming semester courses. To release this hold, please read the instructions below:


1st and 2nd year EGR students:


WHO: All 1st year EGR students are required to attend Group Advising.


  • 1st year EGR Students are required to attend a 1 hour group advising session in order to remove their advising hold.
  • 2nd year EGR Students are not required to attend, but are welcome to attend a group advising session and visit the resource fair.



Monday, March 23, 9am - 3pm

Tuesday, March 24, 9am - 6pm


WHERE: Engineering Centers Building, Tong & Research Room



Resource Fair both Monday and Tuesday


3rd Year EGR students (5th semester):


If you are an EGR student in your 3rd year or 5th semester (summer sessions not included), see your EGR advisor to clear your advising hold. Call 608-262-2473 to schedule an appointment.


EGR students who have officially transferred out of engineering:


If you have officially transferred out of the College of Engineering, check MyUW to find out if an advising hold has been placed on your registration. If an advising hold is active, e-mail your former EGR advisor or email to have the hold removed. Please mention your name, ID number, new major (if you have chosen one), list of classes, and new school or college (for example, Letters & Science).


EGR students who are planning on transferring out of engineering:


If you are thinking of transferring out of engineering, you can either:


  • Attend a Cross College Advising Service (CCAS) presentation. CCAS will be present at the Group Advising Event.  More information coming soon...
  • OR


  • See another advisor on campus to learn more about what classes you need for your new major. Afterwards, e-mail your EGR advisor to have the hold removed. Please include your name, ID number, new major (if you have chosen one), list of classes, and the name of the advisor you met with. Do this at least a week before your expected registration time, in case there are complications. Note: You must register for a minimum of 12 credits.


EGR students on probation, continued probation or re-entry students


All EGR students on academic probation, continued probation or re-admitted on probation are required to meet with their EGR advisor the first two weeks of the semester to discuss their completed self-assessment form and their academic plans.