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Student Spotlight 



Elizabeth Penn 
Freshmen, Geological Engineering
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I was accepted to UW-Madison, the Milwaukee School of Engineering, Stanford, Oxford and MIT. I chose UW-Madison for a number of reasons. First, I thought it offered the most academic and developmental opportunities, and that undergraduate research would be more accessible here. Additionally, during the summer before my junior year of high school, I did the Engineering Summer Program (ESP) and spent six weeks living in the dorms. My ESP counselors really made an impression on me. They were high-achieving students, but also very mature and confident.

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Eddie Espinoza
Senior, Civil Engineering
Los Angeles, California

Early on in my college career, I got involved with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and I was able to see the power of engineering affect people’s lives across the world. I traveled to El Salvador two times and installed a grey water pipeline system to help reduce the rate of diarrhea infection among children. I was able to see how the skills of project management within civil engineering were directly correlated to community development. I am focusing my engineering education on tailoring my skills toward community development in an engineering sense.

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Cassie Thomas
Junior, Biomedical Engineering
DePere, Wisconsin

I did not know what I was going to major in when I started thinking about college. I signed up for ESP during my sophomore year of high school, and I was exposed to everything in engineering and interacted with many different people. I fell in love with the design process and here I am today. If you are thinking of studying engineering, expose yourself to all of the aspects of engineering. There are so many fields in engineering to choose from.

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Jessica Rubio
Senior, Nuclear Engineering
Oak Lawn, Illinois

Being a research assistant in nuclear engineering helped solidify my career and inspired me to eventually give back and inspire others to be in the STEM fields. Through my research, I learned how to machine mechanical parts and analyze different materials, and I got to know the professors in my field. Research experience is a big part of my college experience because it has given me the confidence, knowledge and validation that I made the correct choice in majoring in nuclear engineering.

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