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Diversity Affairs Office
College of Engineering
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Room 2107 Mechanical Engineering Building
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Mary Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

Director of Diversity Research and Initiatives

(608) 890-3349


Mary Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. is an educational psychology researcher and former engineer. She directs the student programs and initiatives offered by the Diversity Affairs Office, evaluates program outcomes for diversity initiatives and conducts original research in the area of underrepresented individuals and organizational climate in engineering education and the workplace.

Dr. Fitzpatrick holds an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering, a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and was a practicing engineer for GE Healthcare, Microsoft and other leading companies before earning her Ph.D. in educational psychology. In her spare time, Dr. Fitzpatrick enjoys reading, skiing, biking, hiking and paddle boarding with friends and family.



Tyree Bolden


Tyree Bolden

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Retention

(608) 265-9042


Tyree Bolden has a B.A. in Communications Studies and a M.S. in Education from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. He brings strong experience as a campus leader for peer advising programs and training, social justice and diversity programs. Before coming to Engineering, Tyree served as an Student Services Coordinator to first and second year pre-declared students in the College of Letters & Sciences. He was formerly an Athletic Academic Coordinator at New Mexico State University and has also served as a Youth Advisor in Milwaukee Public Schools.


Tyree adds, "My career goal is to continue challenging students - even out of their comfort zone - in order to leave a lasting & positive impression on them!" Tyree enjoys listening to a variety of music, coaching youth basketball and attending sporting events.





Brian Nunez

Assistant Director for Pre-College & Outreach Programs

(608) 263-5367


Brian Nunez has a B.S. in Biology from Coastal Carolina University and a M.A. from Lewis University in Higher Education Systems. His professional passion centers on empowering students to make mindful decisions about their educational path.

As the Director of the Engineering Summer Program, Brian looks forward to preparing tomorrow’s engineers through rigorous college-level course work, industry tours and project based learning to compliment classroom instruction. Seeing students go through the program and be successful at UW-Madison, College of Engineering is the most rewarding aspect of his position. In his free time Brian enjoys paddling, playing music and attending sporting events in Madison.



Megan Thilmony


Megan Thilmony

Communications Specialist


Megan Thilmony is a recent UW graduate with a BS in Environmental Science. As an undergraduate, she was particularly concerned with the Human-Environment interaction and how that related to sustainability efforts, culminating in an urban prairie restoration Capstone project for the City of Fitchburg. Concurrent to studying, she worked with UW's WE CONSERVE program, administering their volunteering, educational outreach, and communications initiatives.

In her position as Communications Specialist, she hopes to leverage her previous experience to raise further awareness of and engagement with the amazing work the Office does. As a passionate advocate for broadened STEM participation, she's thrilled to be able to provide support the DAO and its mission. In her spare time she enjoys cooking elaborate meals, yoga, seeing live music, and volunteering.



Rosaleena Mohanty

Program and Evaluation Assistant



Rosaleena Mohanty is delighted to work with the DAO as a Program and Evaluator Assistant this Fall. She is a graduate student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and has a goal to become a good researcher.

Being in engineering herself, Rosaleena is excited to use this opportunity to encourage and support students considering engineering as a career option. She looks forward to contributing and being a part of the success of the DAO.




Annie Yang
Web Developer


Annie Yang is the DAO Web Developer and is in her third year undergraduate in the Biomedical Engineering Department. She has been a part of the DAO through the LEED Scholars Program since she was a freshman.

Annie hopes to use her engineering skills to provide affordable medical device to communities with low access to medical services. Through web design, she is excited to give back to the DAO community and serve her fellow peers. In her spare time, Annie enjoys reading, drawing, playing frisbee, fishing, and running.