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Our students enjoying a presentation in Engineering Hall

Managing and Leading People - Professional Development Series for Women

Celebrating Women in Engineering

The Diversity Affairs Office organizes a women’s welcome reception in September to build a network among incoming women freshmen and current sophomores with CoE faculty and staff. In the past, there has been a keynote speaker (UW engineering Alum) to speak about their experience at UW and as an engineer. This upcoming year we have invited the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) to have a student panel. Our key focus is to have a networking activity so that participants can build community within CoE and engage in organic mentoring relationships with peers, faculty and staff. This event has been co-sponsored by WISELI, and CoE.

Interactivity Foundation (IF) Dinner & Dialogues

In collaboration with the Interactivity Foundation, the Diversity Affairs Office invites facilitators to come to campus and discuss the “Future of Energy” and “Shaping our Towns and Cities” with all students in engineering. These events provide the opportunity for undergraduates of all backgrounds to come together and discuss a topic that impacts everyone. It gives students the time and space to talk about what is important to them and provides them with an outlet to be able to bring in their own individual and unique experiences to the dialogue

CoE Department Meet & Greets

The Diversity Affairs Office started a new initiative aimed at providing underrepresented students of color in their freshmen and sophomore year the opportunity to engage with engineering faculty. These events consist of faculty sharing about their academic experience and department expectations of students. The students then have the opportunity to ask questions ranging from which engineering fields to explore, to research, and preparation for graduate school. Since having these luncheons, students have reported that they understand what is expected of them and have a clearer understanding of the engineering major they want to pursue.

Engineering Connections

In collaboration with ALPs on campus, the Diversity Affairs Office conducts this two-day event to provide the space for freshmen women engineering students to come together to form invisible cohorts. Women students report that they find it difficult to meet other women in engineering because they take all of their prerequisites in Chemistry and Math with all students from across campus. This event gives them the opportunity to form friendships, study groups, and support systems before they apply to their engineering departments.

CoE Diversity & Climate Programming

In collaboration with various CoE offices on campus (Student Leadership Center, Career Services, EGR Office, and WISELI), the Diversity Affairs Office has co-sponsored many diverse workshops and events aimed at Diversity and Climate. For example, in the past we have co-sponsored the Miss Representation of Women Film Screening where all students in engineering were invited to attend a film screening, panel of experts, dinner, and dialogue set around the topic of women in the media. This past year we collaborated on a Professional Development Series for Women focused on Managing and Leading People, Financial Planning, and Work/Life Balance.