University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering

Continuing education

Customer-focused continuing education for engineering and technical professionals. Choose from more than 400 continuing education courses in engineering, design, operations, production, maintenance, management, and planning.

Engineering Professional Development:
Offering courses, in-plant courses, distance courses, technical Japanese and more

Credit Courses at a Distance:
Distance education for practicing engineers that can lead to the completion of advanced degrees


    M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering (power electronics)

    M.S. Mechanical Engineering (controls)

    M.Eng. Engine Systems (online degree)

    M.Eng. Engineering Management (technical leadership; online degree)

    M.Eng. Environmental Engineering (online degree). Admissions begin fall 2014. Enrollment begins fall 2015.

    M.Eng. Polymer Engineering and Science

    M.Eng. Sustainable Systems Engineering

    M.Eng. Technical Japanese (online degree)


    M.E. = Master of Engineering

    Assistant Faculty Associate Mitch Bradt (left) and Assistant Professor James Tinjum.

    Assistant Faculty Associate Mitch Bradt (left) and Assistant Professor James Tinjum teach courses on electrical engineering aspects of wind energy. With wind-energy courses for engineers, EPD is training those who design, build and maintain wind farms. Photo by David Nevala.

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