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Engineering Beyond Boundaries


Funded projects



Modules for Data Acquisition and Experimental Measurements Development and Integration
Principal Investigator: Tim Shedd
Thatcher W. Root and Chin H. Wu

Engineering Communication Across the Curriculum: A Plan to Develop Online Modules and a Wiki to Supplement Communication Education in CoE
Principal Investigator: Laura R. Grossenbacher
Christine G. Nicometo, Traci M. Nathans-Kelly, and Christina Matta

Exploring Interdisciplinary Fluid Mechanics
Principal Investigator: Jay K. Martin
Daniel J. Klingenberg, John Yin, John W. Mitchell, and Chin H. Wu

Removing redundancy in control theory-based courses in Mechanical Engineering and in Nuclear Engineering using eCOW2 and on-line streaming video
Principal Investigator: Neil A. Duffie
Gregory A. Moses and Darryl G. Thelen

A Proposal to Develop a Coordinated Teaching Structure Between the Departments of Engineering Physics and Mechanical Engineering to Promote Enhanced Learning of Mechanics of Materials (EMA 303 and ME 306)
Principal Investigator: Wendy C. Crone
James P. Blanchard, Roxann L. Engelstad, Michael E. Plesha, Krishnan Suresh, and Kevin T. Turner

Engineering and Biology: Technological Symbiosis Goes Online
Principal Investigator: Thomas Keenan
David J. Beebe