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Engineering Beyond Boundaries


Funded projects



Computational Methods in Materials Processing
Principal Investigator: Ryan J. Kershner
Paul Oliphant and Paul Evans

Inter-EGR 150-SI Problem Solving Workshop
Principal Investigator: Jia-Ling Lin
Gregory A. Moses, Nicola J. Ferrier, Tao Han, PeterTimbie, Robert J. Witt, and Donald C. Woolston

Introduction to Society's Engineering Grand Challenges
Principal Investigator: Susan C. Hagness
Nicola J. Ferrier, Laura R. Grossenbacher, Daniel J. Klingenberg, Kristyn S. Masters, Katherine McMahon, Jeffrey S. Russell, Kevin T. Turner, Amy E. Wendt, and Paul P.H. Wilson

Engineering Problem Solving with Computers
Principal Investigator: Gregory A. Moses
John A. Hoopes, Robert D. Nowak, and James B. Rawlings

Engineering Leadership: Building Capacity at all Levels
Principal Investigator: Patricia Flatley Brennan
Christopher Carlson-Dakes, J. C. Connolly, John H. Booske, Nicola J. Ferrier, and Jeffrey S. Russell

Enhancing Liberal Studies for Engineering Students
Principal Investigator: Jeffrey S. Russell
Daniel Kleinman

Integrating Professional Development Into Undergraduate Design and Research Experience
Principal Investigator: Wendy C. Crone
Naomi Chesler, Katie Cadwell, and Greta M. Zenner

International Development Engineering
Principal Investigator: Giri Venkataramanan
Norman Doll

Video-Enhanced Instructional Materials for Statics
Principal Investigator: Michael E. Plesha