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Engineering Beyond Boundaries


Funded projects



Teaching and Learning Insights
Principal Investigator: Sandra Shaw Courter

International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition
Principal Investigator: Francesco Cerrina

Curriculum Development for a Certificate in Engineering Risk, Uncertainty and Decision Analysis
Principal Investigator: Vicki M. Bier
Teresa M. Adams, James P. Blanchard, and Michael Corradini

Engineering for Energy Sustainability
Principal Investigator: Giri Venkataramanan
Thomas M. Jahns, Michael G. Oliva, Tim A. Osswald, Paul J. Meier, David R. Bohnhoff, Dave Hoerr, Michael Corradini, Douglas J. Reinemann, Annette Muetze, Sandra Shaw Courter, Marianne Bird Bear, and Ken A. Walz

Engineering and Biology: Technological Symbiosis
Principal Investigator: David J. Beebe

Energy and Sustainability Course for Energy Certificate Program
Principal Investigator: Thatcher W. Root
Paul J. Meier

Zhejiang University Summer Program
Principal Investigator: Marianne Bird Bear
Laura R. Grossenbacher, John M. Pfotenhauer, Michael Corradini, James L. Davis, Neil A. Duffie, Thomas D. McGlamery, Limin Qiu, and Harold J. Steudel

Integration of EPD 397 Technical Communication with Two Multidisciplinary Engineering Design Courses
Principal Investigator: Laura R. Grossenbacher
Frank J. Fronczak, Michael G. Oliva, John W. Mitchell, and Sandra Shaw Courter

Engineering Problem Solving with Computers
Principal Investigator: Gregory A. Moses

Introduction to Society's Engineering Grand Challenges: A Modular Curriculum
Principal Investigator: Susan C. Hagness
Nicola J. Ferrier, Daniel J. Klingenberg, Kristyn S. Masters, and Jeffrey S. Russell

Fostering of Student Participation in Study Abroad in the Junior Year by Offering UW-Madison Engineering Courses Abroad
Principal Investigator: Neil A. Duffie
Traci M. Nathans-Kelly, John M. Pfotenhauer, Marianne Bird Bear, Sandra Shaw Courter, Helene Demont, Amy Kindschi, Diana Wheeler, and Erick L. Oberstar