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Wendell Berg (BS '43, MS '47) of Cary, Illinois.

Denis P. Brawn (BS '64) of Cincinnati, Ohio.

James R. Brock
(MS '54, PhD '60 of Austin, Texas, passed away in December. Jim served on the chemical engineering faculty at the University of Texas from 1960-1999.

Kenneth M. Brown (BS '38) of Arlington Heights, Illinois. Ken spent 41 years with Universal Oil Products. He was a fellow of the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and served on the U.S. Department of Interior Petroleum & Gas Unit National Defense Executive Reserve.

Peter A. DeWitt
(BS '60) of Tucson, Arizona. He spent most of his career with The C. Reiss Coal Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where he became executive vice president.

Delbert N. DeYoung (BS '54, MS '55) of Friesland, Wisconsin. He worked at DuPont for six years, then founded Friesland Plastics Co. and later other companies related to storage & transportation needs of the food and canning industry.

Dean R. Dickinson
(MS '54, PhD '58) of Richland, Washington. During his career Dean worked for General Electric, Battelle, Westinghouse Hanford, and Fluor Daniel.

Robert N. Gottschalk (BS '52) of Crivitz, Wisconsin. Bob worked for Ansul Chemical Company in Marinette, Wisconsin.

Elwin A. Harris (BS '45, MS '47) of Sun City, Arizona. Elwin worked with Hercules Powder Company in Delaware, later Hercules, Inc.

I. Arthur Hoekstra (BS '43) of Buffalo, New York.

John G. Hundley (MS '51, PhD '54) of St. Charles, Illinois. John worked with the Standard Oil Company of Indiana, later American Oil and then Amoco, until his retirement in 1986.

William J. Johnson (BS '49) passed away in 2009.

George Kalfas (PhD '92) of Swedesboro, New Jersey, died in April from a fast-deteriorating disease. George worked for DuPont Research Labs in Wilmington, Delaware. He is survived by his wife, Caroline, and two sons ages 11 and 9.

Keun Kim (MS '56, PhD '59) of St. Louis, Missouri.

B. George Lang (BS '44, MS '47) of Lakeland, Florida and formerly of Racine, Wisconsin.

Kenneth Lehner
(BS '50) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He worked with Wisconsin Electric Power Company and also conducted research at the Electric Power Research Institute in Palo Alto, California.

Howard W. Martin
(MS '58) of Houston, Texas. Howard worked for Monsanto, Olin, and retired from S&B Engineers and Contractors as a vice president of process engineering and technology.

Herman W. Nelson (PhD '48) of Bonita Springs, Florida. Herman worked for Standard Oil Company for 34 years.

Alan C. Porath (BS '50) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Al worked with RCA where he was part of the development of color television.

John "Jack" Pytleski
(BS '45) of Greendale, Indiana.

Phillip T. Schaefer (BS '70) of Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Phil spent his career with Zimpro (later Siemens Water Technologies) in Rothschild, Wisconsin, and Ross Incineration Services of Grafton, Ohio.

Clement H. Scheibelhut (BS '47) of Western Springs, Illinois.

Roger W. Tate
(MS '48, PhD '50) of Des Moines, Iowa. Roger worked for Standard Oil of New Jersey and Kearney & Trecker in Milwaukee before joining Delavan (Goodrich) for 33 years. Roger founded the Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems (ILASS).

Lyle A. Timm (MS '46) of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Otto F. Uher (BS '49) of Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Robert M. Uschan
(BS '49) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bob held positions with Patrick Cudahy, Ambrosia Chocolate, and Donahoe.

Edward R. Vetter (BS '42) died in July 2010.

Robert R. Wiethaup
(BS '50) of Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Floyd E. Witzel (BS '48) of Naples, Florida, and formerly of Elm Grove, Wisconsin and Scottsdale, Arizona.

William J. Wolfenberg (BS '48) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. .



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