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In memoriam: David R. Longmire

In Memoriam

David R. Longmire earned his BS in chemical engineering from MIT ('47), his MSE from the University of Michigan ('51), and his PhD under Bob Bird from the University of Wisconsin ('57). He was also a veteran of the U.S. Army and Air Force. Dave started his career in chemical process design at Texas Butadiene in Houston and later worked at Bonner & Moore. In 1963, he moved to Mobil Chemical Company in New York as Manager of Operations Research. In this position, Dave was involved in leading Mobil's move toward computer control of its chemical plants and refineries. In 1969, he relocated to Wall Street to pursue a career as a securities analyst, following oil and gas companies. He served as a vice president at Spencer Trask and Prescott, Ball & Turben in New York, and later at Boettcher and Dain Bosworth in Denver. After his retirement, Dave contributed his time to advising the Colorado School of Mines on the investment of its endowment. His interests included hiking and cross country skiing in the mountains of Colorado, antique Packards, golf, running, U.S. history, and the piano. He is survived by his wife Carolyn (MS Art, UW '56), three children Robert, Ellen, and John, and two grandchildren.


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