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This past July the Canadian Society of Rheology presented the Stanley G. Mason Award for exceptional contributions to the science of rheology to Michael C. Williams (BS '59, MS '60, PhD '64). His research interests are in the areas of composite materials, fluid mechanics, mechanical properties, polymers and rheology. (More news on Michael appeared in the Spring/Summer issue of On These Foundations.)

Edwin L. Behrens (BS '60, MS '61) has become a member of the Board of Visitors for the UW La Follette School of Public Affairs. Ed retired in 1999 from his position as Director for National Government Relations after 38 years with Procter & Gamble. He and his wife, Wanda, reside in Great Falls, Virginia.

Russell Pearce and Elizabeth Crimian Heuer Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, Raymond J. Gorte (BS '76), is the recipient of the inaugural Penn Engineering Distinguished Research Award. In connection with the award, Raymond presented a lecture on "Developing Fuel Cells That Run on Real Fuels." Besides fuel cells, his research interests include zeolite acid catalysis, zeolite adsorption for separations, three-way automotive catalysis, and fuel-processing catalysis.

Ranjan K. Malik (PhD '79) is currently professor and head of the Chemical Engineering Department, as well as head of the Computer-Aided Design Center of the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay.

With sales of 146 barrels this past July, Robert Larson (BS '89) seems to be setting new records almost monthly at Tyranena Brewery, the microbrewery he established less than two years ago in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. As this editor and Lake Mills resident (RP) can attest, Rob's carefully crafted beers are consistently among the best, even in the heady crowd of outstanding microbrewed beers available today.

From Kingsport, Tennessee, Reed Christiansen (PhD '90) writes, "My work as Development Associate at Eastman Chemical Company continues to keep me involved with polymer reaction engineering projects at both pilot-plant and production scales. One recent technical effort has been the understanding and modeling of the evolution of polymer melt-point distributions during step-growth polymerization processes. In May, my wife (Dr. Alison Behling) and I celebrated the finalization of the adoption of our son Micah, who was born this past November. He daily delights us with his joyful disposition and enthusiasm towards life."

In March, Carrie Cook (PhD '96) moved to Northbrook, Illinois to join Nanosphere, Inc. where she is creating, building and heading up an assay development group. She writes, "This early-stage, rapidly-growing company, focused on DNA diagnostics, provides an exciting combination of basic research (heavy on chemistry), product development and entrepreneurialism."

Lisa (Gracyalny) Strandberg (BS' 96) reports that she is working for Kimberly-Clark in Infant Care Product Development, she married an electrical engineer also employed by Kimberly-Clark, and they were expecting their first child this past July.

From Kuala Lumpur, Nor Kamarul Aisyah Mohamed Zaiedi (BS '96) writes that she is working as an operation engineer for an oil & gas company in Malaysia. She has worked in the oil & gas industry since graduating, is married and has a two-year old son.


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