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One of the oldest chemical engineering departments in the United States, our program has granted about 825 doctoral degrees and 890 master's degrees since it was founded in 1905. Alumni are active and influential in academic institutions and the chemical industry throughout the world. The strong demand for our graduates by both industrial and academic employers reflects both the merits of our students and the superior reputation of our program. Historically, over one-fifth of our PhD graduates obtain faculty positions, and UW is represented on the faculties of top chemical engineering departments nationwide and overseas. Recent graduates are listed here.

Listings include:

2010-11 MS Degrees

Cañizares, Claudio A.
BS, University of Waterloo
Cooperative Effects of Mixed Nitrogen Sources in GaAsN Semiconductors (T.F. Kuech)
Ganotec, Inc., Tempe, AZ
Timm, Andrea C.
BS, University of Missouri-Rolla
Project report: Measures of Virus Growth from Single Infected Cells (J. Yin)
Continuing student

2010-11 PhD Degrees

Amundsen, Clifford A.
BS, Illinois Institute of Technology
General Formulation Structure for Steady State Process Models: Guaranteeing Solvability (R.E. Swaney)
Conoco Phillips, Bartlesville, OK
Bernacki, Joseph P.
BS, University of Connecticut
Development of Polyalanine Peptides and Model Discrimination Analyses as Tools for Studying Protein Aggregation (R.M. Murphy)
Amgen, Thousand Oaks, CA
Braden, Drew J.
BS, Ohio State University
Catalytic Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass into Liquid Transportation Fuels: Fundamental and Applied Approaches (J.A. Dumesic)
BP, Naperville, IL
Du, Jiali
BS & MS, Tsinghua University
Characterization of the Specific Interaction between Transthyretin and Beta-Amyloid (R.M. Murphy)
MedImmune, Gaithersburg, MD
Huang, Elise
BS, University of California, Berkeley (ChE & Molecular Cell Biology)
Cell-Substrate Interaction: Development of Tools to Investigate Substrate Support in Cardiomyogenesis and to Visualize Cell-Substrate Interaction (N.L. Abbott and S.P. Palecek)
Jones, Angela R.
BS, Texas A&M University
Identification of Blood-Brain Barrier Targeting and Transcytosing Antibodies (E.V. Shusta)
Postdoc, UW-Madison Department of Chemistry
Lee, Andrew G.
BS, University of California, Berkeley
Development of Photopatterned Macroporous Poly(ethylene glycol) Hydrogels within Microfluidic Channels to Quantify Protein Tyrosine Kinase Activity (S.P. Palecek)
Bristol-Myers Squibb, New Brunswick, NJ
Liu, Chi-Chun
BS & MS, National Taiwan University
Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers with Density Multiplication and its Integration with Lithographic Processes (P.F. Nealey)
IBM, San Jose, CA
Liu, Guoliang
BS, Zhejiang University (ChE & Bioengineering)
Thin Films of Block Copolymer Materials and the Applications in Nanofabrication and Surface Modification (P.F. Nealey)
Postdoc, Northwestern University
Liu, Xiaoyang
BS & MS, Tsinghua University
Spatial and Temporal Patterning of Surfactants and Micelles in Microfluidic Channels (N.L. Abbott)
Malshe, Rohit
BS, Banaras Hindu University
Molecular Simulations of Free Surfaces and Crystallization Phenomena of Molecular Crystals (J.J. de Pablo)
Intel, Hillsboro, OR
Nagpal, Umang
BS, University of Minnesota (ChE & Chemistry)
Morphologies of Block Copolymers and their Applications on Chemically Nanopatterned Surfaces (J.J. de Pablo)
Deloitte Consulting, Minneapolis, MN
Pike, Darin Q.
BS, University of Illinois
Theoretical Characterization of Block Copolymer Blends for Applications in Directed Self-Assembly (J.J. de Pablo and P.F. Nealey)
Sandia Corporation
Pranay, Pratik
BS, IIT-Kharagpur
Suspensions of Elastic Capsules in Polymer Solution (M.D. Graham)
3M, Woodbury, MN
BS & MS, IIT-Kharagpur
Molecular Models of Liquid Crystal Elastomers (J.J. de Pablo)
CitiGroup Global Markets, Inc., New York, NY
Stewart, Brett T.
BS, University of Texas at Austin
Plantwide Cooperative Distributed Model Predictive Control (J.B. Rawlings)
Exxon Mobil, Fairfax, VA
Sundaramoorthy, Arul
BS, National Institute of Technology; MS, National University of Singapore
Mixed-Integer Programming Methods for Chemical Production Scheduling (C.T. Maravelias)
Postdoc, M.I.T.
Tocce, Elizabeth J.
BS, Purdue University
Effects of Biophysical and Biochemical Cues on Human Corneal Epithelial Cell Behavior (P.F. Nealey)
Dow Wolff Cellulosics, Midland, MI
Tucker, Mark H.
BS, Purdue University
Selective Production of Value Added Chemicals from Fructose Using Heterogeneous Catalysis (J.A. Dumesic)
BP, Naperville, IL
Walters, Robert H.
BS, Ohio State University
Mechanistic Insights into the Aggregation of Polyglutamine Peptides (R.M. Murphy)
Zhang, Yu
BS, Tsinghua University; MS, Queen’s University
Brownian Dynamics Simulation of DNA in Complex Geometries (M.D. Graham and J.J. de Pablo)
Air Products & Chemicals, Allentown, PA

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