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Certificate in Nuclear Engineering Materials


The goal of this certificate is to combine a comprehensive set of course curricula that will provide students with an understanding of the challenges and remedial measures associated with materials in nuclear energy systems. It includes courses in radiation damage, nuclear fuel performance, corrosion, and Joining/Welding. A laboratory course will provide hands-on experimental analysis in the areas of corrosion, welding, radiation damage, and non-destructive evaluation.


Contact Professor Jake Blanchard. Department of Engineering Physics, 151 Engineering Research Building, for further information.


Students learn the challenges and remedial measures associated with materials in nuclear energy system and conduct experimental analysis in corrosion, welding, radiation damage, and nondesctructive evaluation.


The certificate requirements consist of the following 13 credits:


Radiation Damage –NEEP 541 (3 credits)

Nuclear Materials – NEEP 423 (3 credits)

Corrosion – MS&E 433 (3 credits)

Joining of Materials or Welding Metallurgy –MS&E 435 OR MSE 462 (3credits)

Nuclear Materials Laboratory – NEEP 424 (1 credit)


*All of these courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Additionally, you will be required to take a minimum of one of the following to attain a minimum of 16 credits:


Materials for Elevated Temperature Service – MS&E 463 (3 credits)

Fundamentals of Atomistic Modeling – MS&E 560 (3 credits)

Properties of Solid Structures – MS&E 570 (3 credits)

Thermodynamics of Solids – MS&E 330 (3 credits)

Phase Transformations in Solids –MS&E 352

Steel Structures I – CEE 445 (3 credits)

Concrete Structures I – CEE 447 (3 credits)


*One course from this list can be taken pass/fail.

Because MSE 350 or 351 are prerequisites for NE 423 and 541, students are expected to take one of the two of these courses as prerequisites for the certificate.