University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering


Certificate in Engineering Risk,
Uncertainty, and Decision Analysis


Faculty contacts


Michael Corradini, Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Vicki Bier, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison
James Blanchard, Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Teresa Adams, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Educational objectives and goals


The design and analysis of engineering systems are becoming much more dependent on the
ability of the engineer to analyze the system in the context of uncertainties in system
performance, evaluate the reliability of normal operation and the risk of off-normal operation,
and then make appropriate decisions to maintain reliability with optimal performance. As a
result, many industries (e.g., manufacturing, chemical, nuclear) are looking for engineering
graduates with appropriate understanding and knowledge in these areas.


The Certificate in Engineering Risk, Uncertainty and Decision Analysis includes courses in statistics and
probability, modern uncertainty analysis, decision analysis, and probabilistic reliability and risk
assessment. The primary goal of this program is to significantly increase the number of engineers
with a fundamental understanding of uncertainty, reliability and risk-based decision-making.


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