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Dean Tompkins

Dean Tompkins
Associate Scientist

  • Address/E-mail

  • Program Affiliations

  • Awards & Honors

  • Research Intests and Recent Publications

    Contact Information

    B230A Water Science and Engineering Laboratory
    660 North Park Street
    Madison, WI 53706
    Tel: 608/262-1160

    Program Affiliations

    Selected Awards, Honors and Societies

    Research Intests and Recent Publications

    Research Interests

    Current research interests include gas-phase photocatalysis: fundamental understanding to commercial applications.

    Recent Publications:

    Tompkins DT, Kurzynski TA, Chappell RJ, Zeltner WA, Anderson MA. Effect of Fluorescent Illumination on Bacteria Supported on Glass Slides. J. Adv. Oxidation Tech., accepted for publication.

    Tompkins DT, Klein SA, Steeves RA. Temperature distributions during thermoradiotherapy: a sensitivity study with a transient numerical thermal model of the rabbit eye, J. Biomechanical Engr., 119(2):153-158, 1997.

    Murray TG, O'Brien JM, Steeves RA, Smith BJ, Albert DM, Cicciarelli N, Markoe AM, Tompkins DT, Windle JJ. Radiation therapy and ferromagnetic hyperthermia in the treatment of murine transgenic retinoblastoma. Arch Ophthalmol, 114: 1376-1381, 1996.

    Steeves RA, Tompkins DT, Nash WN, Blair JR, Gentry LL, Paliwal BR, Murray TG, Meiler WF. Thermoradiotherapy of ocular tumors in an animal model: concurrent vs. sequential brachytherapy and ferromagnetic hyperthermia, 33:659-662, 1995.

    Tompkins DT, Vanderby R, Klein SA, Beckman WA, Steeves RA, Paliwal BR. The use of generalized cell- survival data in a physiologically-based objective function for hyperthermia pretreatment planning: a sensitivity study with a simple tissue model implanted with ferromagnetic thermoseeds, Inter. J. Rad Oncol. Biol. Phys., 30(4):929-943, 1994.

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