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M. I. Tejedor-Anderson

M. I. Tejedor-Anderson
Senior Scientist

  • Address/E-mail

  • Program Affiliations

  • Awards & Honors

  • Research Interests and Recent Publications

    Contact Information

    146 Water Science and Engineering Laboratory
    660 North Park Street
    Madison, WI 53706
    Tel: 608/262-0365

    Program Affiliations

    Selected Awards, Honors and Societies

    Research Interests and Recent Publications

    Research Interests:

    Surface chemistry of metal oxides in aqueous media; Preparation of stable nano-particle sols of metal oxides by sol-gel chemistry; Development of defect free nanopore ceramic coatings on porous supports for their use in gas separation and in reversed osmosis filtration; Development of nanopore ceramic membranes for application as electrolyte in PEM fuel cell systems.

    Recent Publications:

    M. Isabel Tejedor-Tejedor, Liana Paredes, and Marc A. Anderson. Evaluation of ATR-FTIR spectroscopy as an "in situ" tool for following the hydrolysis and condesation of alkoxysilanes under rich H2O conditions. Chem. Mater 1998,10, 3410-3421.

    Rebecca L. Dumas, M.Isabel Tejedor- Tejedor, and Marc A. Anderson. Dependence of SiO2 gel structure on gelation conditions and sol reaction temperature as followed by FTIR and Nitrogen adsorption measurements. J. of Porous Materials 1998,5, 95-101.

    Beatriz C. Barja, M. Isabel Tejedor-Tejedor, and Marc A. Anderson. Complexation of Methylphosphonic acid with the surface of goethite particles in aqueous solution. Langmuir 1999,15, 2316-2321.

    Lawrence W. Miller, M. Isabel Tejedor-Tejedor, and Marc A. Anderson. Titanium dioxide-coated silica waveguides for the photocatalytic oxidation of formic acid in water. Environ. Sci. Technol. 1999, 33, 2070- 2075. Lawrence W. Miller, M. Isabel Tejedor-Tejedor, Bryce P. Nelson, and Marc A. Anderson. Mesoporous metal oxide semiconductor-clad waveguides. J. Phys. Chem., part B. 1999, in press

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