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Martin M. Shafer

Martin M. Shafer
Associate Scientist

  • Address/E-mail

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  • Awards & Honors

  • Research Interests and Recent Publications

    Contact Information

    201A Water Science and Engineering Laboratory
    660 North Park Street
    Madison, WI 53706
    Tel: 608/262-0140

    Program Affiliations

    Selected Awards, Honors and Societies

    Research Interests and Recent Publications

    Research Interests:

    Trace element biogeochemistry of rivers and associated watersheds; Nutrient and trace element cycles in inland and Great Lakes; Colloid mediated processes in surface and groundwaters; Biogeochemistry and cycling of aquatic particulates; Analytical chemistry and speciation of metals at ultra-trace levels.

    Recent Publications:

    Shafer, M.M., J.T. Overdier, H. Phillips, D. Webb, J.R. Sullivan, and D.E. Armstrong. 1999. Trace metal levels and partitioning in Wisconsin rivers. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution. 110(3-4) 273-311.

    Shafer, M.M., J.T. Overdier, and D.E. Armstrong. 1998. Removal, partitioning, and fate of silver and other metals in waste water treatment plants and effluent-receiving streams. Environ. Toxicol. Chem. 17(4):630-641.

    Shafer, M.M., J.T. Overdier, J.P. Hurley, D.E. Armstrong and D. Webb. 1997. The influence of dissolved organic carbon, suspended particulates, and hydrology on the concentration, partitioning and variability of trace metals in two contrasting Wisconsin watersheds (U.S.A.) Chemical Geology. 136:71-97.

    Shafer, M.M., and D.E. Armstrong. 1994. Mass fluxes and recycling of phosphorus in Lake Michigan: Role of major particle phases in regulating the annual cycle. In L.A. Baker Ed., "Environmental Chemistry of Lakes and Reservoirs, Advances in Chemistry Series 237". Am Chem. Soc., Washington, DC. pp 285- 322.

    Shafer, M.M., and D.E. Armstrong. 1991. Trace element cycling in southern Lake Michigan: Role of water column particle components. In R.A. Baker, Ed., "Organic Substances and Sediments in Water, Vol. 2., Processes and Analytical". Lewis Publ., Inc., Chelsea, MI. pp. 15-47.

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