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Donald A. Haynes

Donald A. Haynes
Assistant Scientist

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  • Donald A. Haynes

    Contact Information

    429 Engineering Research Building
    1500 Engineering Drive
    Madison, WI 53706-1687
    Tel: 608/262-8387
    Fax: 608/263-4499

    Program Affiliations

    Duties and Responsibilities

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    Personal Statement

    My research centers on the effects of the plasma environment on immersed radiators. An important practical application of this work is the inference of plasma conditions such as temperature and density from a study of plasma's x-ray spectrum. The following references might be of interest:

    Calculations and diagnostic applications of Stark-broadened absorption line profiles for the L-shell ions of argon, D. A. Haynes, Jr., R. C. Mancini, and C. F. Hooper, Jr., Laser and Particle Beams 11 205 (1993).

    The effects of ion dynamics and opacity on Stark broadened argon line profiles, D. A. Haynes, Jr., D. T. Garber, C. F. Hooper, Jr., R. C. Mancini, Y. T. Lee, D. K. Bradley, J. Delettrez, R. Epstein, and P. A. Jaanimagi, Phys. Rev. E 53 1042 (1996).

    Measurements of core and pusher conditions in surrogate capsule implosions on the OMEGA laser system, D. K. Bradley, J. A. Delettrez, R. Epstein, R. P. J. Town, C. P. Verdon, B. Yaakobi, S. Regan, F. J. Marshall, T. R. Boehly, J. P. Knauer, D. D. Meyerhofer, V. A. Smalyuk, W. Seka, D. A. Haynes, Jr., M. Gunderson, G. Junkel, C. F. Hooper, Jr., P. M. Bell, T. J. Ognibene, and R. A. Lerche, Phys. of Plasmas 5 1870 (1998).

    Cl K-shell spectroscopy of directly driven cylindrical implosions, D. A. Haynes, Jr., C. F. Hooper, Jr., N. Delamater, C. Barnes, J. Oertel, G. Pollak, D. Tubbs, R. Watt, T. Boehly, D. Bradley, P. Jaanimagi and J. Knauer, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Rad. Transfer, in press (1999).

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