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Admission requirements


Admission requirements to all programs of the University of Wisconsin-Madison are given in the Undergraduate Catalog or on the UW-Madison web site. High school graduation or its equivalent (an equivalency certificate or diploma issued on the basis of the GED or the Wisconsin High School Equivalency Examination) is required. Applicants presenting a GED or HSED must have completed two years of a single foreign language plus one year each of high school algebra and plane geometry, plus a third year of math. For engineering, the 17 units of high school study required for admission should include four years each of mathematics and English, and one year each of chemistry and physics. Above average performance in these units is expected.


Initial classification


New students admitted to the College of Engineering but not yet to a degree-granting department are assigned the classification of Engineering General Resources (EGR). EGR students should transfer to a degree-granting department as soon as they are eligible. Students may not begin a semester with the EGR classification after they have completed four semesters as an EGR student. Summer session is not considered a semester.


Admission to a degree-granting classification


To be considered for admission to the Civil Engineering (BSCE) major, a student must have:


1. Satisfied the General Education Communication Skills Part A requirement (see General College Requirements).
2. A minimum of 24 credits.
3. A minimum of 17 credits of calculus, statistics, chemistry, computer science, statics, and physics courses required for an engineering degree. These credits must include Math 222 or Math 276.
4. A grade point average of at least 2.50 for all math courses 217 and above, statistics courses 224 and above, chemistry (all classes), computer science (all classes), EMA 201, and physics courses 201 and above. For one and only one of these courses that a student has repeated, the more recent of the two grades will be used in the calculation.
5. A grade-point average at least 2.00 for all courses not included above in Requirement 4.
6. Successful completion of introductory chemistry (Chem 103/104 or 109 or 116); calculus-based mechanics (EMA 201 or Physics 201, 207, or 247); math through Math 222 or Math 276; and either InterEGR 101 or 160 or another introduction to engineering class from an approved list. For transfer students, the introduction to engineering class is optional and not required. If taken, credits will apply to Liberal Studies.


When the number of qualified BSCE applicants exceeds the capacity of the program, admissions will be limited to that capacity. Under these conditions, admission of students will be based on grade point averages, test scores, geographical background, personal background, and diversity. This basis for admission is intended to implement the University's goals of (1) maximizing the success of students who are admitted to a program and (2) achieving a heterogeneous and ethnically diverse student body. It is the student's responsibility to submit a timely application to the dean's office for admission to the BSCE degree-granting classification.


Application periods are as follows:

For Fall Semester: January 15 to March 1
For Spring Semester: September 15 to November 1
For Summer Session: January 15 to March 1


Students not admitted to the BSCE degree program may file an appeal with the dean.


Admission to courses


The CEE department may specify courses as 1) not open to EGR students, or 2) open only to students in the CEE department.


Transfer admissions


Individuals, who are already attending another university, including those in the University of Wisconsin System, will need to meet the entry requirements of the BSCE degree program.


While making the decision to apply for a transfer to the UW-Madison BSCE program, please note that all students must meet the following requirements in order to graduate:


1. All students must complete at least 30 credits in residence in the College of Engineering, including 15 credits of work in CEE.
2. All students must complete their last two semesters in residence in the College of Engineering as a full-time student.
3. All students must complete course substitution forms for transfer courses they wish to use as substitutes for curriculum requirements during their first semester.

Transfer students sometimes find themselves short of credits in mathematics, physics, or computer science. If you find yourself in that situation, seek advice from an academic advisor in the CEE Student Services Office (you can make an appointment at room 2304a Engineering Hall).


Admission to a second major


The College of Letters and Science (L&S) offers the possibility of earning a second major in L&S while studying for the BSCE degree. Requirements for an L&S major are described in the Undergraduate Catalog for most departments in L&S. Upon graduation, the additional major is noted on the student's transcript.


The College of Engineering Academic Affairs Office and the Registrar's Office have agreed upon the following rules for admission to a second major:


1. The student must obtain advance approval from both the major L&S department and the College of Engineering. This is accomplished by requesting a Declaration of Major Form from the L&S department and submitting it to the College of Engineering Academic Affairs Office (2620 Engineering Hall).
2. The appropriate L&S dean must approve all course substitutions and other modifications of L&S major requirements.