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Memorial Union Terrace on Lake Mendota, UW-Madison.

The campus community enjoys a warm spring day at the UW-Madison Memorial Union Terrace. Photo: Bryce Richter.

The two primary foci of the water resources engineering & science group are hydrology and environmental/ecological fluid mechanics with particular strengths in water sustainability; computational fluid mechanics; flow, mixing and thermal structure of lakes; stochastic hydrology; groundwater hydrology; engineering hydraulics; stream and wetland restoration; stormwater management; and hydroecology.  The group investigates applied and theoretical problems in both the built and natural environments.  Field methods, laboratory experiments, remote-sensing techniques, numerical modeling, statistical modeling, and analytic approaches are combined to address scientific and engineering questions leading to better water resource management, a better interface between the built and natural environments, and more sustainable use of water resources.

Current research projects


Changing soil characteristics of Tuolumne Meadows:
Increased vulnerability and implications for meadow restoration

Principal Investigator: Steve Loheide
Sponsor: National Park Service (Yosemite National Park)

Innovative approaches to treating stormwater
Principal Investigators: Steve Loheide, Joy Zedler, Anita Thompson
Sponsor: Environmental Protection Agency, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

WSC Cat-2: Climate change, shifting land use, and urbanization in a midwestern agricultural landscape: challenges for water quality and quantity
Principal Investigators: Chris Kucharik, Steve Loheide, Adena Rissman, Steve Carpenter, Monica Turner
Sponsor: National Science Foundation, Water Sustainability & Climate Program

CAREER: Improving the science and practice of restoration with hydroecologic observatories
Principal Investigator: Steve Loheide
Sponsor: National Science Foundation, Environmental Sustainability & Hydrologic Sciences Program

Adapting the Design and Management of Storm Water-Related Infrastructure
Principal Investigator: Ken Potter
Sponsor: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Determining and Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change
on Stormwater Hydrology and Management for Great Lakes Coastal Communities
Principal Investigator: Ken Potter
Funding Agency: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Use of Highly Treated Wastewater for Groundwater Recharge
Principal Investigator: Ken Potter
Sponsor: Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District

Collaborative Research:
New knowledge from the global lake ecological observatory network
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu and Paul Hanson
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Characterization of the water environment at the Apostle Islands, Lake Superior
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu
2/1/11 – 1/31/13
Sponsor: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, UW-Sea Grant

Physical and biological processes associated with resuspension of contaminated sediments in the Sheboygan river estuary
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu
2/1/10 – 1/31/13
Sponsor: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, UW-Sea Grant

Response of ice cover, lake level and thermal structure to climate change in Wisconsin lakes
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu
03/01/11 – 2/28/13
Sponsor: Wisconsin Water Resources Institute

Development of an integrated nowcasting and forecasting operational system for Yahara Waters (INFOS-Yahara Waters)
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu
Sponsor: City of Madison and Dane County, Wisconsin, NSF

Great Lakes Consortium for Ocean and Human Health (OHH) Training
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu and Trina McMahon
Sponsor: NOAA-Ocean and Human Health:

Application and Demonstration of Floating Bog Interceptors (FBIs) for Cherokee Marsh Restoration
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu
Sponsor: Dane County, Wisconsin

Outreach and Education at Meyers Beach using RTWOS for Assisting Kayak Safety in Sea Caves, Apostle Islands (Phase III)
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu and Gene Clark
Sponsor: Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, Friends of Apostle Island National Lakeshore

Yahara Clean Water Intiatives
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu
Sponsor: Dane County, Wisconsin

INFOS for WINgra Best Management Plan (WIN-BMP)
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu
Sponsor: City of Madison

Understanding and Forecasting Meteotsunami in Great Lakes
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu, Paul Roebber, Eric Anderson, David Schwab
Sponsors: UW-Madison/UW-Milwaukee Intercampus Research Incentrive Grants Program, Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research (CILER), NSF

Development of Regional Integrated Bluff Management (IBM) for Coastal Planning in Lake Michigan
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu
Sponsor: Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, Ozaukee Planning and Parks Department, City of Port Washington Department of Planning and Development

Development of an Innovative In Situ Imaging-based Diagnostic System (IDS) to Quantify Interfacial Gas Exchange in Aquatic Wetlands
Principal Investigator: Qiao Liao and Chin Wu
Sponsor: UW-Madison/UW-Milwaukee Intercampus Research Incentrive Grants Program