University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering

Underground space for an eight-lane bowling alley at the new Union South.
Photo: Jeff Miller.


The Structural Engineering Division offers an opportunity for advanced study and research in construction materials and structural systems. The program is designed to provide a flexible curriculum of course work and research that allows students to prepare for professional practice or careers in research and teaching in structural engineering.

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Selected current research projects

Nondestructive testing of steel bridge members using the time of flight diffraction method

Nonlinear analyses of older reinforced concrete buildings subjected to earthquakes

Evaluation of concrete deck and crack sealants

Utilizing waste materials as aggregate in concrete

Deicer distress of concrete pavements in Wisconsin

Seismic behavior and design of double-tee panel precast systems

Behavior and design of simple and coupled precast wall buildings

Multi-knot failure mechanisms in structural lumber

Transverse cylindrically elastic constants of wood

Crush properties and constitutive modeling of redwood

Fire endurance analysis of wood trusses

Modeling of cement/wood composites

FRP reinforcements for concrete

Composite material guardrail connections

Pultruded causeway system