University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering





Craig Benson Chair

Benson, Craig H. - Wisconsin Distinguished Professor and Chair

Geoenvironmental engineering and geological engineering; waste containment systems; municipal, hazardous, radioactive, mining, and petroleum waste management; vadose zone hydrology

Office of SustainabilityGeological Engineering 


Teresa Adams

Adams, Teresa M. - Professor

Chair, Transportation Management and Policy Program

Director, National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education

Infrastructure asset management; geographic information systems in transportation; location referencing systems; spatial/temporal data modeling for transportation; bridge management

Center for Human Performance and Risk AnalysisMidwest Regional University Transportation CenterNelson Institute for Environmental StudiesTransportation Engineering and City Planning ProgramWisconsin Highway Research ProgramWisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety LaboratoryWisconsin Transportation Center



Sue Ahn

Ahn, Soyoung - Associate Professor


Marc Anderson

Anderson, Marc A. - Professor

Ceramic membranes; microporous ceramic materials; colloidal thin-film ceramics; colloid chemistry; catalysis, gas and liquid ceramic membrane separation processes; adsorption in aqueous systems; photocatalysis; photoelectrochemistry; batteries; ultra-capacitors; fuel cells; oxide nano particles and coatings  

Materials Science Program, Environmental Chemistry and Technology


Hussain Bahia

Bahia, Hussain U. - Vilas Distinguished Professor; Director of MARC


Materials for Constructed FacilitiesModified Asphalt Research Center (MARC)


Paul Block

Block, Paul - Assistant Professor

Methods, models, and tools for managing climate variability and change; hydrologic forecasting and integration into decision models; addressing water quality and quantity extremes; hydro-economics and policy mechanisms; risk, reliability, and uncertainty; sustainability approaches  

Water Systems & Society, Water Resources Engineering Program, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, Center for Climatic Research, Africa Studies Program 



Steven Cramer

Cramer, Steven M. - Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Structural engineering; wood structures; timber structures; concrete materials

Construction Engineering and Management ProgramMaterials Science ProgramWisconsin Structures and Materials Testing Laboratory


Patrick Eagan

Eagan, Patrick D. - Professor

Industrial environmental engineering/management; industrial ecology; design for the environment/ecodesign; stormwater; environmental engineering; water quality engineering and regulation; restoration of water resources; environmental management systems 

Engineering Professional DevelopmentNelson Institute for Environmental Studies



Tuncer Edil Edil, Tuncer B. - Professor Emeritus

Behavior of soils and wastes; behavior of peats and organic soils; geotechnics of soft ground and wastes; eotechnics of industrial by-products; filtration and interface friction of geosynthetics; friction piles and anchors; soil-structure interface friction; coastal erosion and slope stability 

Consortium for Fly Ash Use in Geotechnical ApplicationsEngineering MechanicsGeological Engineering Program


Kurt Feigl

Feigl, Kurt L. - Associate Professor


Geology and GeophysicsGeological Engineering Program


Dante Fratta

Fratta, Dante - Associate Professor

Assessment of the near-surface underground using non-invasive tomographic studies (geotomography); on-shore and off-shore near surface geophysics; non-destructive detection of anomalies in civil engineering infrastructure; study of low strain stiffness in rock masses and soils with P- and S-waves; geomaterial process evaluation using elastic and and electromagnetic waves 

Geology and GeophysicsGeological Engineering ProgramFreshwater and Marine Sciences



Matt Ginder-Vogel

Ginder-Vogel, Matthew - Assistant Professor

Environmental chemistry; biogeochemistry; water chemistry; x-ray absorption spectroscopy

Environmental Chemistry and Technology



Awad Hanna

Hanna, Awad S. - Professor

Construction engineering and management; construction productivity management at project and organization levels; cumulative impact of change orders; productivity improvement; and factors affecting labor productivity and earned value analysis

Construction Engineering and Management Program, Construction and Materials Support Center 


Greg Harrington

Harrington, Gregory W. - Professor

Environmental engineering; aquatic chemistry in treatment and distribution of drinking water; removal and inactivation of waterborne pathogens and other microbes during drinking water treatment and distribution; mathematical modeling 

Wisconsin Consortium for Applied Water Quality Research


Brock Hedegaard

Hedegaard, Brock - Assistant Professor

Post-tensioned and prestressed concrete structures; time-dependent behavior of concrete; structural monitoring; multiscale modeling; progressive collapse

Structural Engineering Program


Tracey Holloway

Holloway, Tracey A. - Associate Professor


Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies


James Hurley

Hurley, James P. - Associate Professor and Director


Aquatic Sciences CenterCivil and Environmental EngineeringEnvironmental Toxicology Graduate Program, Freshwater and Marine SciencesWisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene


K.G. Karthikeyan

Karthikeyan, K. G. - Associate Professor


College of Agricultural and Life SciencesNelson Institute for Environmental Studies



Bill Likos

Likos, William J. (Bill) - Professor

Unsaturated soil mechanics; expansive clay behavior & applications; laboratory soil characterization (mechanical, hydrologic, thermal); pore-scale imaging and analysis (micromechanics); field monitoring & instrumentation; beneficial reuse

Geological Engineering Program


Steve Loheide

Loheide II, Steven P. - Associate Professor

Hydroecology/ecohydrology; hydrogeology; river restoration; remote sensing; hydrologic consequences of climate change; vegetative water use / vegetation patterning; sustainable land-use practices; stream-aquifer interactions; ecosystem function / services; human interaction with aquatic ecosystems

Geological Engineering ProgramFreshwater and Marine SciencesNelson Institute for Environmental Studies


Sharon Long

Long, Sharon C. - Professor


Soil Science



Trina McMahon McMahon, Katherine (Trina) - Professor

Microbial ecology; environmental biotechnology; biochemical engineering; environmental engineering; water quality; metabolic engineering; freshwater microbiology

BacteriologyBiotechnology Training ProgramEnvironmental Chemistry and Technology ProgramFreshwater and Marine SciencesMicrobiology Doctoral Training ProgramNelson Institute for Environmental Studies



Dan Noguera

Noguera, Daniel R. - Wisconsin Distinguished Professor

Environmental engineering; bioenergy; biotechnology; microbial ecology; biological nutrient removal; biofilms; mathematical modeling; biodegradation pathways

Biotechnology Training ProgramEnvironmental Chemistry and Technology ProgramGreat Lakes Bioenergy Research CenterWisconsin Energy Institute


David Noyce

Noyce, David A. - Professor

Transportation Safety; Vehicle Crash Analysis; Traffic Operation; Geometric Desig; Traffic Simulation; Driving Simulation; Human Factors; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Bicycles and Pedestrians

Industrial and Systems EngineeringInstitute on AgingMidwest Regional University Transportation CenterTransportation Engineering and City Planning ProgramWisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory


Michael Olivia

Oliva, Michael G. - Professor

Compressive membrane action; arching action; sustainable building design/construction; structural engineering; highway bridges; reinforced-precast-prestressed concrete design; timber structures; structural testing; earthquake resistance; development of structural design methods

Construction and Materials Support CenterStructural Engineering ProgramWisconsin Highway Research ProgramWisconsin Structures and Materials Testing LaboratoryWisconsin Transportation Center



Jim Park Park, Jae (Jim) K. - Professor

Industrial waste treatment; bioremediation of hazardous waste sites; pollutant transport modeling; water quality; nutrient removal; organic chemical transport in landfills

Wisconsin Consortium for Applied Water Quality Research




Gustavo Parra-Montesinos

Parra-Montesinos, Gustavo - C.K. Wang Professor of Structural Engineering

Behavior and design of reinforced concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, and composite steel-concrete structures; earthquake engineering

Structural Engineering ProgramWisconsin Structures and Materials Laboratory


Joel Pedersen

Pedersen, Joel A. - Professor

Behavior of toxic organic chemicals, biomacromolecules and engineered nanoparticles in natural and engineered systems; bioavailability of organic contaminants 

Environmental Chemistry and Technology ProgramEnvironmental Toxicology Graduate ProgramSoil Science


Sarah Pfatteicher

Pfatteicher, Sarah K.A. - Research Professor and Senior Assistant Dean, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

College of Agricultural and Life SciencesCALS Undergraduate Programs and ServicesHistory of Science DepartmentHoltz Center for Science and Technology StudiesWomen's Studies Program



Jose Pincheira

Pincheira, José A. - Associate Professor

Design and behavior of reinforced concrete members and structural systems; seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures; earthquake engineering; non-destructive testing of steel and concrete elements

Structural Engineering Program, Wisconsin Structures and Materials Laboratory



Ken Potter

Potter, Kenneth W. - Professor

Hydrological modeling and design; stormwater modeling, management and design; estimation of hydrologic risk; estimation of hydrological budgets; restoration of aquatic systems

Geological Engineering ProgramFreshwater and Marine Sciences


Bin Ran

Ran, Bin - Professor

Intelligent transportation systems; dynamic transportation network and traffic models; traffic operations; cellular & GPS probe technologies; intelligent highway; connected vehicle, internet of mobility, and telematics; big data applications; GIS-T

Midwest Regional University Transportation CenterTransportation Engineering and City Planning ProgramTransportation Management and Policy ProgramWisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory



Christy Remucal

Remucal, Christina K. - Assistant Professor

Photochemical processes in natural waters; metal redox cycling; reactive oxygen species production; contaminant transformation processes

Environmental Chemistry and Technology, Freshwater and Marine Sciences, Molecular and Environmental Toxicology 


Jeffrey Russell

Russell, Jeffrey S. - Professor

Construction management; constructor pre-qualification and failure; constructability; maintainability; innovative project delivery systems; risk in construction; construction automation and robotics

Construction Engineering and Management Program 



Jamie Schauer

Schauer, James Jay - Professor

Atmospheric chemistry; source apportionment; measurement of atmospheric pollutants; measurement of air pollution source emissions; atmospheric aerosols; atmospheric metals; elucidating the role of aerosol composition on human health effects; air quality in developing and underdeveloped nations

Chemical and Biological Engineering, Environmental Chemistry and Technology ProgramMolecular and Environmental Toxicology CenterNelson Institute for Environmental StudiesWisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene


James Tinjum

Tinjum, James M. - Associate Professor

Subgrade/subbase improvement and design; wind energy civil and geotechnical design; geothermal heating and cooling; unsaturated soil testing and research; rail ballast testing and research; stabilization and remediation of metal-contaminated material; beneficial reuse of industrial byproducts 

Engineering Professional DevelopmentGeological Engineering



Chin Wu

Wu, Chin H.- Professor

Air-sea interactions and surface wave dynamics; coastal-riverine processes and sediment transport; environmental fluid mechanics and limnology; environmental monitoring and aerial photogrammetry; experimental and computational fluid dynamics; groundwater and surface water interactions

Environmental Fluid MechanicsGeological Engineering ProgramFreshwater and Marine SciencesWater Resources Engineering Program


Professors of Practice

Rich Beilfuss

Beilfuss, Richard D. - Professor of Practice

President & CEO of the International Crane Foundation, with leading role in wetland and watershed restoration efforts in Africa, Asia, and North America for more than 25 years.


Norman Doll

Doll, Norman- Professor of Practice

Consultant to industry; Professor Emeritus; Pieper Electric Inc; Construction Engineering and Management Program; Leadership development class and lectures; UW Alumni Associate Board; Advisor to Engineers Withoug Borders.

Construction Engineering and Management Program


Michael Doran

Doran, Michael - Professor of Practice

Water and Wastewater Engineering; Unit Processes, Process Modeling and Plant Engineering; Biological Wastewater and Wastewater Residuals Treatment and Stabilization; Water Quality Management and Policy Development; Wet Weather Wastewater Management; Environmental Economics


Kurt Frey

Frey, Kurt D. - Professor of Practice

MS Degree in Civil Engineering with structural engineering emphasis. Over 30 years of experience in the architectural/engineering/construction industry with integrated project delivery and structural engineering consulting. 


Tom Gunkel

Gunkel, Tom - Professor of Practice

BS in Construction Administration from UW-Madison and current president and CEO of Mortenson Construction.



John Hetland

Hetland, John L. - Professor of Practice

Expertise is in the Construction Management of complex projects; expertise in Design Build delivery of projects; interest and knowledge in Lean techniques for delivering projects, Process development, lessons learned and constraint management.


Kathy Huibregtse

Huibregtse, Kathy - Professor of Practice

Has a BS in Chemical Engineering and more than 35 years of environmental consulting experience. Supported, managed, and directed a wide range of environmental projects from wastewater treatment, landfill cover design, site and groundwater assessments, Brownfield site clean-ups and sediment assessment. Currently manages the WI office of ENVIRON International.



Derek Hungness

Hungness, Derek J. - Professor of Practice

Derek Hungness has over 23 years of multimodal transportation system planning and traffic engineering experience.  Derek has been involved in numerous traffic impact studies and transportation corridor studies and has a strong background in transit system planning.  He is particularly interested in integrating travel demand modeling with traffic micro simulation modeling. 


Tom Jenkins

Jenkins, Tom - Professor of Practice

Wastewater Treatment Processes; Process Equipment Design; Aeration and Blowers; Energy Conservation; Process Instrumentation and Control Systems

Kirk John Keller

Keller, Kirk John - Professor of Practice

As a practicing architect Kirk brings 30 years of experience to a wide range of project types.  Major areas of design experience includes medical facilities, master land planning and commercial office complex development.  Kirk brings strong business experience to private projects in areas of construction cost and financing, knowledge of governmental review along with the ability to present ideas effectively to decision makers. 


Fred Klancnik

Klancnik, Fred - Professor of Practice

Professor Klancnik has served as a guest lecturer for CEE 514 Coastal Engineering course; a mentor for the Capstone Course CEE 578 team of civil engineering and landscape architecture students studying the Taliesin Pond Restoration project; and made a presentation of the Milwaukee Downtown Lakefront Revitalization project at the ASCE student chapter meeting in March.  Professor Klancnik is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, a member of ASCE COPRI, and a Diplomate in the Academy of Coastal, Ocean, Port & Navigation Engineers.  He is also President and Principal Engineer of Capstone Engineering Design, LLC. 


Thomas Kunes Kunes, Thomas - Professor of Practice

Industrial environmental and safety risk management and process improvement, compliance assurance, quality and EHS management systems, sustainabilitly




John Nelson

Nelson, John S. - Professor of Practice

Sustainable Development; Lean Facility Design & Operation

Construction Engineering and Management ProgramUW Energy InstituteWisconsin Institute for Discovery


Ned Paschke

Paschke, Ned - Professor of Practice

Ned Paschke is a professional engineer, educator, and consultant specializing in water, wastewater, and hydraulic engineering. Before joining the university, Paschke was Director of Engineering for the Madison Metropolitan Sewage District and a hydraulic engineering consultant for international engineering firms. A Fulbright Specialist and a board certified environmental engineer, Paschke is a recipient of the UW-Madison EPD Teaching Excellence Award and the L.F. Harza Award for his workshops and technical publications on hydraulic engineering.


Charles Quagliana Quagliana, Charles J. - Professor of Practice

Capstone Partnership Co-Director, Project Based Learning, Architecture & Construction, Engineering and Architecture Collaboration, Liaison with; UW-Madison Department of Landscape Architecture, UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture & Urban Planning and UW Systems Administration, Preparation of Design Drawings and Contract Documents, Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings.


Gary Rylander

Rylander, Gary F. - Professor of Practice

Transportation Engineering; Traffic Engineering; Traffic Operations, Safety and Management; Intelligent Transportation Systems 

Transportation Engineering and City Planning Program


Jo Tucker

Tucker, Jo - Professor of Practice

Geotechnical; deep foundations; dams and levees; soil modification techniques; wind energy foundations; geotechnical instrumentation and load testing; environmental assessment and remediation on contaminated soil and groundwater; geotechnical construction.


Richard Weiland

Weiland, Richard - Professor of Practice

Construction Management; General Manager in AEC industry; expertise in AEC business organization, performance metrics, and BBP; special interest in student counseling/advising and integrating students with industry


Emeritus Faculty

Andren, Anders W. - Professor Emeritus

Fresh and marine water chemistry; behavior and fate of chemicals in the environment; sediment remediation technology; industrial waste treatment technology; air-water transfer of chemicals; structure-activity relationships and environmental fate
Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program, Freshwater and Marine Sciences, UW Sea Grant Institute, UW Water Resources Institute


Armstrong, David E. - Professor Emeritus

Aquatic chemistry, biogeochemistry, chemical limnology; cycling of nutrient elements in lakes and watersheds; trace metal chemistry, speciation, and bioavailability; behavior and fate of organic chemicals in the environment
Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program, Freshwater and Marine Sciences


Berg, William D. - Professor Emeritus

Traffic safety, traffic engineering; transportation systems analysis; highway engineering; cost-effective safety improvements


Berthouex, Paul M. - Professor Emeritus

Water supply; wastewater treatment; industrial waste treatment; environmental statistics/modeling
Wisconsin Consortium for Applied Water Quality Research


Boyle, William C. - Professor Emeritus

Environmental engineering; biological waste treatment; industrial wastes; waste disposal and treatment
Small-Scale Waste Management Project, Water Resources Management Program, Wisconsin Consortium for Applied Water Quality Research


Green, Theodore, III - Professor Emeritus 

Convection; waves; hydrodynamics; lake circulation

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences


Joeres, Erhard F. - Professor Emeritus

Environmental systems modeling; water resources management; urban hydrology; air quality management; markets in pollution control; pollution prevention; environmental policy; industrial ecology

Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies


Johnson, John E. - Professor Emeritus

Structural engineering specializing in steel structures -- roofing technology


Kiefer, Ralph W. - Professor Emeritus

Photographic interpretation; remote sensing; land use suitability evaluation; image interpretation
Geological Engineering Program


Lillesand, Thomas M. - Professor Emeritus

Remote sensing; natural resource management; high resolution satellite image processing; geographic information systems; large area land use mapping from space; environmental monitoring; national space policy; transportation applications of remote sensing
Environmental Remote Sensing CenterForest Ecology and ManagementNelson Institute for Environmental Studies


Monkmeyer, Peter L. - Professor Emeritus

Fluid mechanics; water waves; coastal engineering; flood routing; groundwater/seepage


Peyrot, Alain H. - Professor Emeritus

Structural engineering; numerical analysis; transmission line design; wood structures; cable structures


Salmon, Charles G. - Professor Emeritus

Steel and concrete design; design codes


Scarpace, Frank L. - Professor Emeritus

Image processing; remote sensing

Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies


Scherz, James P. - Professor Emeritus

Photogrammetry; surveying; archeoastronomy and mapping prehistoric sites; developing basic GIS


Smith, Robert L., Jr. - Professor Emeritus

Transportation planning and policy; traffic engineering; transit planning and operations; city planning; site planning; geographic information systems; intelligent transportation systems


Sonzogni, William C. - Professor Emeritus

Fate and transport of toxic contaminants; analytical chemistry of pollutants; chemical limnology; water resources management; environmental toxicology
Environmental Toxicology Graduate ProgramNelson Institute for Environmental StudiesFreshwater and Marine Sciences, Water Resources Management Program, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene


Vonderohe, Alan P. - Professor Emeritus

Cadastral systems; spatial data quality; digital photogrammetry; geographic information systems for transportation; spatial/temporal modeling; spatial/temporal reference frameworks