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Senior “Capstone” Design is a required course for all civil and environmental engineers at UW-Madison.

With the guidance of professional mentors, students use the knowledge and interpersonal skills they have gained in their classwork and work experiences to create effective solutions to real problems.


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Michael D. Doran, P.E. DEE
Professor of Practice
1218 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Dr
Madison, WI 53706

Charlie Quagliana, AIA, NCARB
Professor of Practice
1218 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Dr
Madison, WI 53706

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Invest in their future – and your own.



Sponsoring a Capstone Project with the UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering Department provides an exceptional partnership opportunity. Sponsoring Partners for a Design Project Team acquire innovative assessments and solutions to their unique problems by teaming with UW-Madison’s senior engineering students.  The Project Team includes students from Civil, Enviromental, and Geological Engineering, supplemented by students from other disciplines as needed for multi-disciplinary project requirements. The entire process is guided by practicing professionals that volunteer to mentor each project team.


Capstone offers sponsoring Partners the opportunity to observe potential employees in action. In return, students experience the challenges and rewards of creating and documenting designs based on an actual client’s needs, including the constraints of time and economics.


Your tax-deductible investment is small compared to the benefits you share with the engineers of the future. The value of this program is demonstrated by the satisfied Partners that sponsor Capstone Projects year after year. Shouldn't you be one of them?  


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