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Undergraduate advising


Role of students in the advising process


The COE requires, and expects, students to be active in educational planning and advisement. Students are expected to know what their degree requirements are; to monitor their academic progress, which includes knowing what courses have been completed, what courses remain, and what good academic standing means; to be aware of policies and procedures which guide their studies; to consult regularly with an adviser, especially before every registration period; and to be aware of how he/she learns in order to balance course schedules.


Description of academic & faculty advisers


Academic advisers

All undergraduate students who have been admitted to a degree-granting department will be assigned to an academic adviser (i.e., a staff adviser). The academic adviser advises students on curriculum requirements; COE and UW-Madison policies and procedures; and the graduate school or professional school application process. An academic adviser can work with students to develop individual educational plans, answer questions about DARS reports, and connect students with other campus resources, such as the Office of Student Financial Services, Engineering Transfer Admissions, International Engineering Studies and Programs, Engineering Career Services. The way to meet with an academic advisor in the CEE/ECE/GLE Student Services Center is to make an individual appointment or to stop in during drop-in advising times.


Faculty advisers


All undergraduate students who have been admitted to a degree-granting department will also be assigned to a faculty adviser. All students are encouraged to take the initiative to build a mentoring relationship with their faculty adviser as well as with other faculty members. Building a mentoring relationship with faculty is best done by meeting in person with faculty for scholarly advice such as guidance on research/independent study projects and advice on post-graduation plans. Faculty advisers are the best advisors to see for questions about course content, questions about course intensity, and for help selecting advanced coursework or advanced electives to align with your post-graduation plans. Please see Mary Possin in 2308 Engineering Hall if you are not currently assigned a faculty adviser or wish to change your faculty advisor assignment.


To schedule an appointment


The Academic Advisors for Civil Engineering is Mary Possin. To schedule an individual appointment or to inquire about drop-in advising with Mary, use the Online Scheduling Tool.


Please bring a completed copy of the Advising Syllabus to your appointment!