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Research areas


The department's research strengths, with associated faculty:


Applied Mathematics

Graham, Klingenberg, Maravelias, Rawlings, Swaney, Zavala


Bioscience and Engineering

Abbott, Graham, Lynn, MurphyPalecek, Pfleger, Rawlings, Reed, Root, Shusta, Yin, Zavala


Colloids/Particle Technology

Abbott, Klingenberg, Rawlings


Kinetics and Catalysis

Dumesic, HuberMavrikakis, Root



AbbottKuech, Lynn, MavrikakisPalecek, Root, Shusta


Nanoscale Science and Engineering

AbbottDumesic, Graham, Kuech, Lynn, Mavrikakis, MurphyPalecek, Root, Shusta, Yin  


Polymers and Rheology

Graham, Klingenberg, Lynn


Reactor Modeling and Reaction Engineering

Huber, Rawlings, Zavala


Systems, Modeling and Control

Maravelias, Rawlings, Reed, Swaney , Zavala



AbbottMavrikakis , Zavala


Transport Phenomena

Graham, Klingenberg, Zavala