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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

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Chemical and Biological Engineering News

  1. Wisconsin engineer earns presidential award

  2. The inventor of everything

  3. Abbott wins Hilldale Professorship

  4. Kuech named honorary professor at City University of Hong Kong

  5. Students develop "full-colour" FDM 3D printer adapter

  6. UW-Madison engineering programs ranked highly in U.S. News and World Report

  7. Brewing biofuel

  8. Two college students invented an adapter that allows 3D printers to print in full color for less than $100

  9. Kuech visits new Shandong University president

  10. Stem cell advance yields mature heart muscle cells

  11. CBE undergrad meets with Baldwin, Blank

  12. Huber to give sustainability lecture at University of Minnesota

  13. The next dimension: 3D color printer wins innovation competition

  14. Lessons from an unlikely career

  15. Two UW-Madison faculty named to National Academy of Engineering

  16. Engineers named Vilas Associates

  17. Banholzer wins AIChE AGILE Award

  18. Reflections on innovation

  19. UW-Madison student team takes on global health challenge in Hult Prize

  20. Researchers seek to understand the brain, boost batteries, improve patient care, and produce advanced biofuels

  21. UW-Madison students chosen to compete for Hult Prize

  22. 5 questions with Dick Schoofs

  23. UW-Madison researchers are building better biofuels

  24. While you were away: Catching up on a not-so-dead winter break

  25. Palecek, Shusta become AIMBE fellows

  26. Banholzer wins American Chemical Society's Barnes Award

  27. Chemical treatment could cut cost of biofuel

  28. Renewable chemical ready for biofuels scale-up

  29. College of Engineering 2013 highlights

  30. Huber, Dumesic named among top 100 in bioenergy

  31. Two UW-Madison profs among 102 promising young researchers honored by Obama

  32. Inventor group honors Wisconsin engineer Dumesic

  33. Mavrikakis becomes fellow of American Physical Society

  34. For Platypus Technologies, liquid crystals fit the bill

  35. Engineers explore ways to understand, outwit blood-brain barrier

  36. Pfleger wins award for young biotech researchers

  37. Racine students explore engineering’s possibilities at UW-Madison

  38. Pfleger kicks off new Purdue lecture series

  39. Engineers among WARF Innovation Awards finalists

  40. Rawlings, Maravelias paper earns honor

  41. UW-Madison College of Engineering to honor eight outstanding alumni

  42. At UW-Madison, retired Dow exec will focus on innovation

  43. Former Dow Chemical executive joins UW-Madison staff

  44. NSF grant funds bio-manufacturing study

  45. New process targets valuable green chemicals

  46. Maravelias to receive AIChE young researcher award

  47. Innovation institute to broaden U.S. palette of advanced materials

  48. Early career award funds study of messenger RNA stability

  49. Students in UW housing celebrate outstanding educators

  50. Chemical engineer receives prestigious Korean honor

  51. Seven engineers named UW-Madison Vilas Associates

  52. Rawlings honored with Chancellor’s Award

  53. Huber research gaining attention

  54. Team to study how the sun could help make fuel

  55. Lynn, Shusta earn American Chemical Society awards

  56. College, grad programs, in top-20 in U.S. News rankings

  57. Palecek to receive PNAS paper honor

  58. Two engineers among UW-Madison Romnes Faculty Fellowship recipients

  59. Two ChE alumni named to National Academy of Engineering

  60. UW-Madison engineer named to National Academy of Engineering

  61. Jennifer Reed: Metabolism modeler

  62. Building green gas technology without a manual: An interview with grad student Robert Coolman

  63. Journals, conference and university tap Graham’s expertise

  64. Kuech among AAAS honorees

  65. Ian Robertson named new UW-Madison engineering dean

  66. Active, engaging education. Anywhere. And right here.

  67. Private gifts support nearly 40 engineering faculty professorships

  68. New biofuel conversion process cuts costly separating step

  69. Emeritus Professor Stanley H. Langer Passes Away

  70. On October 26, the college will honor seven outstanding engineering alumni

  71. Researchers develop efficient, scalable process for making renewable liquid fuels

  72. UW-Madison, college, among top U.S. public universities

  73. Collide and conquer: How blood cells sort themselves out

  74. Save the dates: Blended learning seminar series begins September 19

  75. Researchers explore a sustainable bio-based chemical economy

  76. Million-dollar Keck Foundation grant funds UW-Madison genome research

  77. From summer abroad in China, students acquire a new view of the world

  78. High-tech silver dressings ward off infection in wounds

  79. Abbott earns AIChE award

  80. Mavrikakis named journal editor

  81. In mouse trial, high-tech wound dressing fights infection

  82. Designing microbes that make energy-dense biofuels, without the sugar

  83. Conduit from Rufus King to UW-Madison: Scholarship attracts top students

  84. Blood-brain barrier building blocks forged from human stem cells

  85. Early career award supports cyanobacteria biofuel research

  86. New stem cell technique promises abundance of key heart cells

  87. In chemical reactions, water adds speed without heat

  88. At smallest scale, liquid crystal behavior portends new materials

  89. UW-Madison spinoff company earns funding to improve unique wound-healing technology

  90. Prof. Graham receives Kellett Mid-Career Award

  91. Researchers advance understanding of fibril inhibitors for diabetes therapy

  92. For plastics knowledge, India looks to UW-Madison engineers

  93. Mike Jensen receives college Distinguished Achievement Award

  94. For industry, advanced control methods boost bottom line

  95. A decade of gains in engineering graduate student diversity

  96. IEEE elects Rawlings and Sayeed as fellows

  97. CBE professor honored by American Chemical Society

  98. Video: Opportunities in engineering: Annual report 2011

  99. Engineering alumni to receive top college honors at Oct. 14 Engineers' Day

  100. NSF renews/expands mission of Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

  101. Morgridge Institute researchers release first educational game

  102. Liquid crystal droplets discovered to be exquisitely sensitive to an important bacterial lipid

  103. Wound-dressing idea enters international business-plan competition

  104. College honors 25 faculty and staff at spring celebration

  105. Chemical and biological engineering professor elected to American Academy

  106. New technology could stamp out bacteria in persistent wounds

  107. Doing more with less: Efficient experiments for bacterial engineering

  108. Engineering alumni named to WAA Forward under 40 list

  109. Power plants: Technologies for green fuel

  110. Abbott named fellow of AAAS

  111. Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery facility opens on UW-Madison campus

  112. Less pain, more gain: Silver-lined bandages prevent infection and promote healing

  113. Engineers receive U.S. Air Force early-career support

  114. UW-Madison students make 'genetic machines' for international competition

  115. College honors distinguished alumni at Oct. 8 Engineers' Day celebration

  116. Summer in the Lab at Rockwell

  117. Back in circulation: Why certain polymers improve blood flow

  118. The chemistry of memory: New strategies for battling brain disease

  119. 1995 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grants