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General college requirements
and the Chemical Engineering degree

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Prior to admission to a degree-granting program, students must complete several General College Requirements (GCR; see As part of the GCR, students must take courses in 5 categories (Communications, Physics, Chemistry, Introduction to Engineering, and Mathematics). While various courses can be selected in these categories, students who wish to be admitted to Chemical Engineering are strongly encouraged to take the specific courses listed in the table below.



General college requirement

Recommended course


1. Comm A (General Education Requirement) EPD 155 (2cr) Any Comm A course may be taken.
2. Physics Phys 201 (5cr) EMA 201 (3cr) + EMA 202 (3cr) may be substituted for Phys 201.
3. Chemistry Chem 109 (5 cr) Chem 103 (4cr) + Chem 104 (5cr) may be substituted for Chem 109.
4. Introduction to Engineering EPD 101 (2cr) or EPD 160 (3cr) EPD 101 can count toward the departmental free elective or liberal elective requirements; EPD 160 can count toward the departmental engineering elective requirement. Other Introduction to Engineering courses approved for the GCR (see can count toward the free elective requirements.
5. Mathematics Math 221 (5cr) and Math 222 (5cr) Math 217 (5cr) may be substituted for Math 221;
Math 275 (5cr) + Math 276 (5cr) may be substituted for Math 221 + Math 222.


These recommended courses present the preferred topics at a level suitable for Chemical Engineering students. Other alternatives that satisfy the General College Requirements will be accepted for admission into the Chemical Engineering degree program, but these choices may reduce the number of free electives available in the curriculum.