University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering


Graduate students generally receive their financial assistance in the form of research assistantships, teaching assistantships and/or fellowships. Because of the national and international reputation of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the type of training available in our department, some students are able to arrange support from their governments, industrial employers or foundations.

Most students admitted to the graduate program are guaranteed financial support from the department in the form of a research assistantship. We encourage all students to participate in undergraduate teaching during part of their time here. Teaching assistantships provide valuable experience to students wishing to pursue academic careers or polish their communication skills.

The department is grateful for generous financial support from many sources to assist first-year graduate students before they become fully active in their research groups and can be supported on research funding. Support at this critical stage assists the department in the recruitment and retention of top students to the graduate program. In addition to many individual contributors, industrial supporters of the graduate program include these corporations:

  • BP Corporation North America
  • Air Products Foundation
  • Dow Chemical Company Foundation
  • ExxonMobil
  • Genentech


Outstanding U.S. students are encouraged to apply for national fellowships such as the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Hertz Foundation Fellowship, National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program, U.S. DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship, and Ford Foundation Predoctoral Diversity Fellowship.