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Symposium speakers

Shelley Anna, Professor, Carnegie Mellon, academic great-granddaughter of Bob

Robert Armstrong, Director of the MIT Energy Initiative, PhD with Bob 1973

William Banholzer, Chief Technical Officer (retired), Dow

Timothy Lodge, Professor, University of Minnesota

Gareth McKinley, Professor, MIT, academic grandson of Bob

Robert Prud’homme,  Professor, Princeton, PhD with Bob 1978

Jay Schieber, Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology, PhD with Bob 1989

Phillip Westmoreland, Professor, NC State and President of AIChE

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Bob Bird’s 90th Birthday Symposium and Banquet



Thursday, January 30, 2014

   9:00 AM  Check in, Coffee Engineering Hall Lobby
 Video of Morning Talks
   9:30 AM  Welcome, Dean Robertson 1610 Engineering Hall
   9:45 AM  Robert Prud’homme, Princeton 1610 Engineering Hall

Facile Production of Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Difficult to Deliver
Therapeutics:  Hydrophobic Drugs, Peptides, and siRNA


 10:30 AM  Coffee Break Engineering Hall Lobby
 10:45 AM Jay Schieber (IIT)
1610 Engineering Hall

Lessons in Entanglements and Viscoelastic Memories


 11:30 AM  Timothy Lodge, Minnesota 1610 Engineering Hall

Gelation and Phase Separation in Aqueous Methylcellulose Solutions

 12:15 PM  Lunch Engineering Hall Lobby
 Video of Afternoon Talks
  1:15 PM  William Banholzer, Dow (ret.) 1610 Engineering Hall

Chemical Industry Dynamics, Innovation is Not Enough


  2:00 PM  Robert Armstrong, MIT 1610 Engineering Hall

Linking Science, Innovation, and Policy to Transform the
World’s Energy Systems:  The MIT Energy Initiative


  2:45 PM  Poster Session Engineering Hall Lobby
  4:00 PM  End
  5:30 PM  Reception and Banquet Blackhawk Country Club


Friday, January 31, 2014

 Video of Morning Talks
   9:00 AM   Shelley Anna, Carnegie-Mellon
1610 Engineering Hall 

Using Mass Transport to Control Microscale Emulsion Formation


   9:45 AM  Gareth McKinley (MIT) 1610 Engineering Hall

Spraying and Air-Assisted Atomization of Complex Fluids


 10:30 AM  Coffee Break Engineering Hall Lobby
 10:45 AM  Phillip Westmoreland (AIChE) 1610 Engineering Hall

Opportunities and Challenges for a New Golden Age of Chemical Engineering


 11:30 AM  Closing 1610 Engineering Hall
 12:00 PM  End