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2007 Newsletter
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Experiential learning: BME undergrad design competition stresses real-world challenges

Research may yield improved treatment of diseased lungs

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Ultrasound waves reflect tissue mechanics

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Blocking aneurysms

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closing the 'gap'

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Graduate student service award honors Corrine Bahr

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Message from the chair

Faculty news:
David Beebe cited as pioneer of miniaturization

In memoriam:
Prof. Paul Bach-y-Rita

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Graduate student service award honors Corrine Bahr

Corrine Bahr

Corrine Bahr
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Decorative initial cap The department is establishing an award for a BME graduate student that recognizes his or her outstanding leadership that exemplifies the ideals and principles of Corrine L. Bahr. They include commitment to service, volunteerism, community-building and diversity and which are enabled by creativity, initiative, organization, implementation and follow-through.

Corrine worked for the university for 38 years, first as an administrator in electrical and computer engineering, then for BME at its founding. She was active in the Baha’i Faith, AFS Intercultural Programs Inc., Supper Club for Ethnic & Racial Harmony, the Middleton Historical Society and the Good Neighbor Festival where she served as board member for more than 12 years. Corrine was recognized as an honorary good neighbor of the year in 2006. She loved quilting and volunteered by knitting baby hats for Meriter Hospital.

Corrine and her husband of 35 years, Dennis, have two children, Aaron (Seren) and Angela. In addition to her family and extended family, she touched the lives of students, friends and colleagues around the world.

Her contributions to the Department of Biomedical Engineering are far too numerous to list but include welcoming and orienting new graduate students and faculty members, organizing graduation celebrations, providing financial management and careful oversight, and fostering a collegial and caring atmosphere in the department.

Corrine strongly believed your deeds distinguish you from others and have positive impact on the world. She also believed in assisting humanity as much as possible.

Therefore, in her memory, the Department of Biomedical Engineering is proud to recognize the graduate student who best exemplifies the ideals and principles by which she lived and to offer funds for this student to lead a significant activity of their own design that fulfills the spirit of this award to provide leadership and service to the department.
Specific examples of activities that fulfill the spirit of this award include:

• Organizing a graduate student conference to provide opportunities for students to share their research findings and hone their presentation skills

• Developing outreach tools for K-12 schools to excite children about BME

• Activities that support and promote diversity in BME

Donations to the Corrine L. Bahr Biomedical Engineering Graduate Service Award are sought to fund the award. Mail checks (payable to the University of Wisconsin Foundation, c/o Corrine Bahr Graduate Service Award) directly to the BME department or contribute at Under “designation,” select “other, detailed below.” In the box labeled, "If you would like to further restrict your gift … ,“  type in Corrine Bahr Graduate Service Award, Fund #12342873.

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