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2007 Newsletter
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Experiential learning: BME undergrad design competition stresses real-world challenges

Research may yield improved treatment of diseased lungs

Translational research: Medicine, hand-delivered

Translational research:
Ultrasound waves reflect tissue mechanics

Translational research: 'Balloon' effect:
Blocking aneurysms

Translational research: For ACL repair,
closing the 'gap'

Translational research: Fast, efficient MR imaging

Translational research: Seven new projects launched

Graduate student service award honors Corrine Bahr

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Message from the chair

Faculty news:
David Beebe cited as pioneer of miniaturization

In memoriam:
Prof. Paul Bach-y-Rita

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Engineer-clinician collaborations yield innovative, applied solutions

Funded via the W.H. Coulter Translational Research Partnership in Biomedical Engineering, these research projects recently concluded in year one of the partnership. This partnership fosters early-stage collaborations between University of Wisconsin biomedical engineering researchers and practicing physicians that will enable researchers to deliver their advances more quickly to patients.

Seven new translational research projects launched

The University of Wisconsin W.H. Coulter Translational Research Partnership in Biomedical Engineering oversight committee has selected its second round of research projects for funding.

• Professor David Beebe and Pediatrics Associate Professor Carol Diamond received $100,000 for their project, “Non-electric, disposable drug-delivery device for hemophilia.”

• Associate Professor Walter Block and Radiology Assistant Professor Amish Raval received $100,000 for their project, “MRI-guided endomyocardial injection catheter

• Assistant Professor Kristyn Masters, Neurosurgery Postgraduate Trainee Roham Moftakhar and Associate Professor Wendy Crone (also engineering physics) received $79,000 for their project, “Enhanced delivery of liquid embolic agents for aneurysm occlusion.”

Masters and Cardiothoracic Surgery Assistant Professor Takushi Kohmoto received $129,000 for their project, “Bioactive polyurethane-based materials for vascular applications.”

• Assistant Professor William Murphy and Raval received $110,000 for their project, “Controlled protein delivery technology for treatment of ischemic disease.”

• Assistant Professor Brenda Ogle, Transplantation Surgery Assistant Professor Luis Fernandez, Molecular Biology Senior Information Processing Consultant Kevin Eliceiri and Surgery Associate Scientist Matthew Hanson received $100,000 for their project, “Multichannel multiphoton flow cytometry for the characterization of pancreatic islets.”

• Professor Ray Vanderby, Assistant Professor Lee Kaplan (also orthopedics and rehabilitation) and Associate Professor Patricia J. Keely (also pharmacology) received $99,000 for their project, “Acoustoelastic analysis of ultrasound waves to determine in vivo tissue strains and material properties: technology transfer to medical imaging systems.”

The Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research encourages practicing physicians to collaborate with engineers. The center actively develops partnerships, cultivates new translational research projects based on clinical practice needs, identifies and supports promising biomedical engineering collaborative research projects, and rapidly translates solutions into the clinic by fully using UW-Madison campus resources for technology transfer and commercialization.

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