University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering


BME Symposium

Celebrating a global legacy of exceptional and inspiring educators

April 4-5, 2014


Celebrate the contributions to the development of Biomedical Engineering at Wisconsin by:


Willis J. Tompkins

Prof. Willis J. Tompkins
Associate Chair of the
BME Undergraduate Program

John G. Webster

Prof. John G. Webster
Professor Emeritus


Through their dedication to excellence in education, Professors Willis J. Tompkins and John G. Webster have inspired generations of UW-Madison BME students and friends. The BME Department is hosting a symposium and celebration to commemorate their lasting legacies. During the event, we will celebrate the extraordinary careers of Professors Tompkins and Webster, learn about the latest frontiers in the fields in which they influenced, and hear from the extraordinary, innovative BME alumni and faculty about their major impacts on advancing healthcare on a global scale. Additionally, a poster session will highlight current activities in the department, and tours will showcase our latest teaching facilities.


Prof. Willis J. Tompkins began at UW-Madison 40 years ago and was intimately involved in the founding of the BME Department and design throughout the curriculum. He has taught ECE/BME 463: Computers in Medicine every year for the last 40 years. Prof. Tompkins will retire in June 2014, join us in celebrating his accomplishments.


Prof. John G. Webster began at UW-Madison in 1967. He has developed one of the most popular and widely used medical instrumentation texts. He has taught BME Design since the beginning of the program in 1999. Prof. Webster retired in 2001, yet he continues to dedicate his time to teaching and research. You can often even find him here on weekends.


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