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    BME call for fall design project ideas

    Do you have an idea to develop a medical or biological device? UW Biomedical Engineering students are available to design and fabricate prototypes to meet your needs.

    The Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Program is seeking design project ideas for its sequence of six biomedical engineering design courses.

    See project submission form at:

    We seek focused, specific design projects. Note that these projects should be design based and should have a specific goal in mind.  As an example, appropriate projects for this course may consist of the design of a device to perform a specific task in a laboratory or clinical practice. Each student team consists of about four students for each project, and they are encouraged to build a prototype of their design, which is given to the client (you) at the end of the semester.

    Many of our clients have been quite pleased with the productivity and innovation demonstrated by our students. Several of the past projects have provided investigators with tools to work in new directions. Some projects have led to intellectual property with opportunities for commercialization.

    For examples of past projects, please see the following link:

    Please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for information about student and client responsibilities including expenses to clients. Note that, although we do not charge student or faculty labor costs, we do expect clients to commit to paying for any materials and supplies necessary to complete the project. If you think you might ever wish to patent the solution to your problem, recognize that you can request the team to password protect their student project web site. However, each student team must make a public presentation of their project in the middle of the semester and at the end of the semester.

    If you are interested in proposing a project idea, please complete the project submission form at:

    We would appreciate your response by Friday, August 23, 2013 so that we may present the students with a list of projects prior to the first day of class next semester. If a group of students is interested in a project that you proposed, they will contact you directly in Septemer to discuss the details of the project further.

    We look forward to hearing from you.


    Willis J. Tompkins
    Biomedical Engineering Department
    (608) 263-1581

    Willis Tompkins