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The department publishes curricula, future course offerings and other academic resources.

Advising, EGR classification

The general classification EGR is given to undergraduate students who have been admitted to the College of Engineering but are not yet affiliated with a degree-granting engineering department.

All EGR students receive academic advising through the Engineering General Resources (EGR) Office. We welcome you at any time to discuss a wide variety of topics, such as:

Advising, BME departmental

The biomedical engineering department assists students who transfer from the EGR classification or from outside UW-Madison. Advising is available by appointment.

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Jeremy Schaefer (left) and Andrew Dias (right) work together to create a low-cost spirometer in the Engineering Centers Building. The device is used to measure lung function and could be used in low-income countries.

Students (from left to right) Andrew Dias, Jeremy Schaefer, Andrew Bremer and Jeremy Glynn work together to create a low-cost spirometer in the Engineering Centers Building. The work is part of a Biomedical Engineering Design class project designed by postdoctoral fellow David Van Sickle. Photo: Bryce Richter.

Student initiatives


Engineering students at UW-Madison can participate in more than 50 engineering-affiliated student organizations, most of which host outreach activities. A few student organizations are especially dedicated to community service.



Biomedical Engineering Society
Engineering EXPO
Engineering World Health
Engineers Without Borders
Society of Women Engineers




Scholarships in variable amounts are available to biomedical engineering undergraduate students. Many awards are based on academic merit and not on financial need. Engineering General Resources (EGR) undergraduate students expecting to be admitted to the BME department for the upcoming term are eligible for general College of Engineering scholarships. Visit Scholarships@UW-Madison to find and apply for scholarships.



The College of Engineering offers academic support services for physics, engineering mechanics, mechanical engineering, and other courses. Resources are available at the Undergraduate Learning Center for improving study skills and tutoring.


Research opportunities

Opportunities are available to undergraduates to prepare for advanced studies in engineering and other fields.


Career services

You're welcome to meet with Engineering Career Services staff for job search assistance. Join Engineering Career Services for access to job postings, resume referrals, and interviews.


Apply for graduation in the My UW Student Center in the My Academics tab.