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Byron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication  

The Byron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication was first presented in 1980. The award recipient, who must be a tenured College of Engineering faculty member, is chosen by a faculty committee. The publication may be a research paper or series of related research articles, a patent, or a textbook that has had a profound influence on research. The publication must be more than five years old, and have gained wide acceptance and been influential in the academic or industrial community.

The award is a memorial to Byron Bird. He received a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Iowa State University in 1912 and a graduate degree in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin in 1915. He served as a civil engineering professor at three universities and as a military officer in World Wars I and II. Though he had broad experience as a consulting engineer and as a city engineer, much of his professional career was dedicated to public service as a member of the U.S. Engineers' Office. He made major contributions to solving water supply problems related to the rapid growth of the Washington, D.C., area.