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2014 faculty and staff awards

The College of Engineering celebrated the achievements of college faculty and staff April 15, 2014.

Haile W. BerheBollinger Academic Staff Distinguished Achievement Award
Haile W. Berhe

Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies

Haile Behre's innovations include an internal document management system and a high-risk location tracking system that uses a smartphone’s GPS as part of A-CHESS, a mobile application to support people struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. He has developed server-side and web applications that have helped thousands of cancer patients and their families. BIO »


Susan C. HagnessBenjamin Smith Reynolds Award for Excellence in Teaching Engineers
Susan C. Hagness

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Susan C. Hagness, the Philip D. Reed professor of electrical and computer engineering, has three characteristics that extend beyond the qualities of just being an effective lecturer. She is committed to teaching improvement, she has a rapport with and quick response to students and she can inspire students and positively impact their learning. BIO »


Dennis P. MantheyClassified Staff Distinguished Achievement Award
Dennis P. Manthey

Engineering Physics

Dennis Manthey has been highly sought after for providing insight on financial and administrative matters. In his current role as academic department manager for the Department of Engineering Physics, Manthey actively works to streamline processes, improve departmental practices and create a better working experience for his staff and students. BIO »


Mano MavrikakisByron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication
Manos Mavrikakis

Chemical and Biological Engineering

If peer citations are an indicator of a scholar's impact on his or her field of study, there’s no doubt that Manos Mavrikakis’ research has heavily impacted the fields of both chemistry and chemical engineering. Mavrikakis, the Paul A. Elfers professor of chemical and biological engineering, has co-authored more than 140 original publications. BIO »


Robert G. RadwinOnstad Service to Society Award
Robert G. Radwin
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Throughout his career, Rob Radwin has been deeply committed to solving health and safety problems that affect the lives of workers every day. A professor of industrial and systems engineering and biomedical engineering, Radwin focuses on the causes and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace and is widely regarded as an expert in the field. BIO »


Barry D. Van VeenHarvey Spangler Award for Technology-enhanced Instruction
Barry D. Van Veen

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Van Veen decided to explore a "flipped" classroom format. Starting in fall 2012, VanVeen piloted this format in two signal-processing courses (ECE 431 and 630) in WisCEL, an innovative, technology-rich learning space in Wendt Commons. To his knowledge, those courses were the first flipped signal-processing classes in the United States. BIO »