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2007 faculty and staff awards


College of Engineering faculty and staff awards for 2007 were presented at the fourth annual Spring Appreciation Celebration held May 8. Recipients of the College of Engineering annual awards each receive privately funded stipends and permanent recognition on a plaque in Engineering Hall. Each winner is chosen by a committee of his or her peers.

 Photo of Pascale Carayon.

The Ragnar E. Onstad Service to Society Award
Pascale Carayon

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering Pascale Carayon is a devoted patient safety advocate who is driven to help healthcare professionals and organizations reduce medical errors. BIO

Photo of Roxanne Beisel.
Classified Staff Distinguished Achievement Award
Roxanne Beisel

Engineering External Relations  

Roxanne Beisel possesses a kind of internal radar—a sixth sense for hazards in an otherwise smooth process. Countless times, she made phone calls, placed friendly reminders, and offered trouble-shooting advice that kept publications on deadline, deliveries on target, and payments in the proper amount and account. This fall, Beisel retired from her position as program assistant in the Engineering External Relations Office (EER). BIO

Photo of Ann Morris.
The Bollinger Academic Staff Distinguished Achievement Award
Ann Morris

Engineering General Resources

Talk with any of the students whom Ann Morris has helped to transfer into the College of Engineering, and you’ll hear a common sentiment: “I couldn’t have done it without her help.”

Photo of Frank Fronczak.
The Benjamin Smith Reynolds Award for Excellence in Teaching
Frank J. Fronczak

Mechanical Engineering

His students say Professor of Mechanical Engineering Passion is a defining trait of Professor Frank Fronczak’s teaching style. Since joining the College of Engineering in 1983, he has been instrumental in expanding the product design curriculum to help students transition from study to practice. BIO

Photo of Chang-Beom Eom.
The Byron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication
Chang-Beom Eom

Materials Science and Engineering

An internationally recognized researcher, Materials Science and Engineering Professor Chang-Beom Eom has made exceptional contributions to the field of epitaxial complex oxide thin films. BIO

Photo of Chin H. Wu.
James G. Woodburn Award for Excellence in Teaching
Chin H. Wu

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Applying a teaching philosophy that engages and inspires each student, Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Chin Wu has turned one of the most difficult and dreaded undergraduate environmental courses in the department into one of the most anticipated. His students frequently punctuate course evaluation forms with such comments as, “Best teacher I ever had,” “Cared about how every student did,” “Made complex ideas easy to understand,” and, “We love you, Wu!” BIO

Photo of Lawrence Bank.
Harvey Spangler Award for Technology-Enhanced Instruction
Lawrence C. Bank

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering In Professor Larry Bank’s courses, students don’t just learn engineering technology—they use technology to learn engineering. To excite, educate and empower his students, Bank has integrated into his undergraduate and graduate courses such familiar (to them) communication technologies as Voice over Internet Protocol, Internet video conferencing, instant messaging, interactive forums, and collaborative project posting and review tools. BIO