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2001 faculty and staff awards


Photo of Patrick Farrell.
The Benjamin Smith Reynolds Award for Excellence in Teaching
Patrick V. Farrell

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Patrick V. Farrell is the 2001 recipient of the Benjamin Smith Reynolds Award for Excellence in Teaching Engineers. His peers say Farrell's visionary leadership, dedication and understanding of the relationship between teaching and learning are responsible for great improvements in faculty instruction and student learning in the college and beyond. BIO

 Photo of Donna Lewis.

The Bollinger Academic Staff Distinguished Achievement Award
Donna M. Lewis

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Donna M. Lewis has made outstanding contributions to the college, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE), Teaching Improvement Program and has served on numerous committees throughout the university. As administrator for ECE, Lewis exemplifies excellence in leadership by consistently performing at a high level, setting superior standards of excellence for staff and teaching assistants, and interacting positively and effectively with faculty, staff and students. BIO

Photo of James Smith.
The Byron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication
James Smith

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor James E. Smith is this year's recipient of the Byron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication. The award recognizes the fundamental contributions of his research publications and patent in the development of high speed, high performance microprocessors.

Twenty years ago, a microprocessor with 100,000 transistors could execute the instructions of a program one at a time, taking tens of clock cycles. Today, microprocessors hold tens of millions of transistors and execute multiple instructions in a single clock cycle. Smith's work contributed innovations in computer architecture that made possible this improvement to instruction processing rates. BIO

Photo of Phil Biebl.
The Ragnar E. Onstad Service to Society Award
Phil J. Biebl

Engineering External Relations

Engineering External Relations Senior Artist Philip John Biebl is the 2001 recipient of the Ragnar E. Onstad Service to Society Award.

Biebl currently serves as co-chair of the Human Concerns and Social Justice Commission at St. Bernard's Catholic Church in Madison. The commission's purpose is to assist St. Bernards in its mission of social justice within the parish and beyond. This effort encompasses programs such as the Luke House Community Meal Program, St. Vincent de Paul charity work, the Parish Nursing Program, nursing home visits and other community projects. The committee is also responsible for outreach to community members in physical, emotional and/or financial need. BIO