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2015 faculty and staff awards

The College of Engineering celebrated the achievements of college faculty and staff Tuesday, April 21, 2015.

Each recipient of the College of Engineering annual awards receives privately funded stipends and permanent recognition on a plaque in Engineering Hall. Award recipients are chosen by peers. Faculty and staff awards are announced every year for Appreciation Day.


Nicholas Abbott

Byron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication
Nicholas L. Abbott
Chemical and Biological Engineering

UW-Madison’s leadership in chemical engineering is not simply a matter of the big breakthrough, but the product of tenacious researchers who open new possibilities in the field. That is what Nick Abbott, the John T. and Magdalen L. Sobota Professor and Hilldale Professor of chemical and biological engineering and director of the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, has contributed to the area of liquid crystals. BIO »

Naomi Chelser Harvey Spangler Award for Technology Enhanced Instruction Recognizing Innovative Teaching and Learning Practices Using Technology
Naomi C. Chesler
Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Professor Naomi Chesler has made significant and innovative contributions in engineering education—and her latest advance is an online introductory engineering course that effectively gives first-year students the chance to discover what it’s like to have a career in engineering.  BIO »

Roxann Engelstad Benjamin Smith Reynolds Award for Excellence in Teaching Engineers
Roxann L. Engelstad
Mechanical Engineering

When faculty serve as department chair, they typically reduce their teaching load significantly. It’s a testament to Stephen P. Timoshenko Professor and Bernard A. & Frances M. Weideman Professor of Mechanical Engineering Roxann Engelstad’s enduring passion for teaching that during the six years (2007-2013) she served as chair, she taught several courses each year and remained one of the department’s best teachers. BIO »

Gregory Harrington Ragnar E. Onstad Service to Society Award
Gregory W. Harrington
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Few things illustrate the Wisconsin Idea as vividly and extensively as the UW-Madison tradition of water research. Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Greg Harrington has made a formidable contribution to that tradition, particularly through his use of computer modeling and his dedication to helping public agencies and water utilities improve drinking water treatment. BIO »

John Murphy College of Engineering Equity and Diversity Award
John Murphy
Engineering Physics

Associate Faculty Associate John Murphy exemplifies dedication to influencing climate, equity and diversity among students. Murphy continues to be an inspiration and ally to many students, especially those who are underrepresented in engineering fields. His colleagues use words such as inclusive, empowering and inspiring to sum up Murphy as an instructor and ally on campus. BIO »

Kathy Prem Bollinger Academic Staff Distinguished Achievement Award
Kathy J. Prem
Engineering Student Development

Both colleagues and students recognize how invaluable and extraordinary versatile Kathy J. Prem has been in her 20 years with the college. She has held almost every role in Engineering Career Services as an academic staff member and currently serves as associate director. She has worked tirelessly to better integrate transfer students into the academic culture and student life of the College of Engineering.  BIO »

Cynthia Rothwell Classified Staff Distinguished Achievement Award
Cynthia J. Rothwell
Wendt Commons

Cynthia Rothwell has shown remarkable efficiency and effectiveness in completing important tasks while serving multiple college units simultaneously. In more than 25 years with the College of Engineering, she has taken on a variety of new roles and served a growing number of units in the college. She has filled university business specialist roles with Wendt Commons, Engineering External Relations, and Computer-Aided Engineering. BIO »

Suzannah L. Sandrik James G. Woodburn Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Suzannah L. Sandrik
Engineering Physics

Suzannah Sandrik's students and colleagues recognize her remarkable ability to inspire her students and bring out their best. In 2014, engineering students voted Sandrik, a faculty associate in engineering physics, the best instructor in the department. This distinction is even more impressive considering the nature of the large "service" courses that she frequently teaches and the high expectations she has for her students. BIO »

Amy Wendt College of Engineering Equity and Diversity Award
Amy Wendt
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Amy Wendt is a relentless forward thinker and socially conscious engineer, dedicated to serving the community through vision and effort. She works to promote an innovative engineering education for K-12 students and to ensure the benefits of faculty within the university system. In 2015, Wendt was elected to the UW-Madison University Committee, which reviews issues concerning faculty governance. BIO »