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College of Engineering

Date of Next General Review:

Agricultural Engineering (BS) [1971]
Biological Systems Engineering (BS) [1971]
Biomedical Engineering (BS) [2003]
Chemical Engineering (BS) [1936]
Civil Engineering (BS) [1936]
Computer Engineering (BS) [2003]
Construction Engineering and Management Option in Civil Engineering (BS) [1995]
Electrical Engineering (BS) [1936]
Engineering Mechanics (BS) [1965]
Geological Engineering (BS) [1995]
Industrial Engineering (BS) [1971]
Materials Science and Engineering (BS) [1995]
Mechanical Engineering (BS) [1936]
Nuclear Engineering (BS) [1965]

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Events and Deadlines

Date Event When/Where
21 February 2011 COE Assessment Team Meeting 1:00 PM in Rm. 3609 Engineering Hall
14-16 April 2011 ABET Symposium Indianapolis, IN


Assessment Timetable

When? Who? What?
Spring 2011 COE Assessment Team Share updated educational objectives and student outcomes with COE
Spring 2011 COE Assessment Team Update course homepages
Spring 2011 COE Assessment Team Outline program self-studies
October 2011 COE Assessment Team Complete self-study drafts