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The collective power of giving

Kelly De Haven, Ann Leahy, Eric Yin, Deb Holt and Gillian Fink.

The UW Foundation engineering development team (from left): Kelly De Haven, Ann Leahy, Eric Yin, Deb Holt and Gillian Fink. view larger image

Dear alumni and friends,

When it comes to supporting the UW-Madison College of Engineering,
a little simple math demonstrates the power of participation.

Currently, about 7 percent of College of Engineering alumni donate annually to the Dean’s Fund for Excellence. Let’s say in 2011, an additional 5 percent of you — or about 2,000 people — decide to give $100 per year to the Fund for Excellence. That commitment would provide another $200,000 to support important college priorities for our students and faculty.

What kind of impact could $200,000 per year make? It could, for example:

Why I Give

In their own words, alumni explain why they support the College of Engineering, at

All of these examples represent real and growing development needs for the college, and areas where alumni support makes an immediate impact. It’s proof that participation matters: A modest annual commitment from a broad base of alumni will translate to greater access, opportunity and value-added experiences for our students.

Please consider joining the thousands of alumni who regularly give to the College of Engineering. Your support is greatly appreciated and is making a difference in every corner of the college.

Vice President of Development:

Directors of Development:

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