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Students strive to improve medical care
around the world

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Hoping to convey a more positive impression of healthcare, biomedical engineering student members of the UW-Madison Engineering World Health chapter spearhead initiatives that could benefit residents in countries around the world, yet inspire students and teachers in Wisconsin.

The group offers workshops for middle- and highschool students that help them relate math and science to careers in medicine and engineering. Several biomedical engineering students fix broken medical equipment, test and calibrate it, and write a user-friendly operations manual that travels with the equipment to remote areas of the world. Others serve on medical missions trips or design simple, low-cost medical equipment for developing nations.

Amit Nimunkar (PhD ‘09), who is among the UW-Madison chapter founding members, stresses that global engineering starts with developing interest in and raising awareness of global medical needs at home. “It is work at all these different levels,” he says. “It‘s more like a ‘drop by drop makes a whole ocean’ effort.”

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