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FALL 2009
VOL. 36, NO. 1

Mark your calendars for Friday, Oct. 9, 2010, when the Badgers play Minnesota.




In memoriam

Richard Heine

Materials Science and Engineering Professor Emeritus Richard “Dick” Heine died May 17, 2009, at age 90. He earned degrees in chemical and metallurgical engineering from Wayne State University and UW-Madison, respectively. Heine, who served in the Navy during World War II, taught at General Motors Institute, Wayne State, and UW-Madison between 1936 and 1984.

At UW-Madison, Heine was department chair from 1964 to 1974 and initiated the change from metallurgical engineering to materials science and engineering in both course subject content and department name. Heine’s research included casting processes, cast-iron metallurgy, recycling, brazing in space, molding sands and clays, casting design and defect prevention.

Heine authored more than 300 research papers and the textbook Principles of Metal Casting. His honors included the 1967 American Foundry Society Gold Medal for Achievement, the 1979 Ragnar Onstad Award for Service to Society, the 1976 American Welding Society Charles H. Jennings Award, and the 1976 C.W. Briggs Electric Furnace AIME award. Heine was a fellow of the American Society for Metal. In retirement, he collaborated with civil and environmental engineering faculty on research of casting waste disposal and prevention of water contamination from casting processes.

Heine’s daughter, Sally; son Robert; two grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren survive him. Heine’s wife, Mary, preceded him in death.

MAY 2009
James Allman (BSME ’41)
James MacDonald (BSEE ’48)
Richard Hodgins (BSEE ’49)
Stuart Mackenzie Jr. (MSCEE ’74)
John Woy (BSEE ’38)
Heinz Lambrecht (BSEE ’60)
Dan Badia (BSChE ’52)
Douglas Nelson (BSME ’54, MSME ’55)
Arthur Plautz (BSCEE ’47)

JUNE 2009
Robert Schloemer (BSCEE ’51, MSCEE ’56)
Richard Costello (PhDEE ’66)
Marshall Wells (BSME ’59)
David Buesing (BSEE ’63)
Robert Augustine (BSEE ’50)
Harry Schroeder (BSME ’48)
Gilbert Vosswinkel (BSCEE ’48, MSCEE ’55)
Robert Anthony (BSME ’56)
Uldis Kakulis (BSChE ’64)
Lyle Kahl (BSEE ’42)

JULY 2009
Roch Kendrick (BSME ’90)
John Eppler (BSCEE ’37)
Melbourne Steil Jr. (BSME ’50)
Raymond Parker (BS, MSChE ’39)
Richard Gilbertson (BSCEE ’55)
James Smith (BSME ’44)
Milton Stenstrom (BSEE ’49)

Douglas Evans (BSChE ’47)
Ronald Breitwisch (BSEE ’75)
William Reeve (BSEE ’52)
Paul Meves (BSCEE ’51)
Otis Ingebritsen (BSEE ’47)
John Cashman (BSChE ’51)
David Beimborn (BSCEE ’62)
Gordon Kent (BSEE ’47)
Frederick Behrens (BSCEE ’61)

Harold Leviton (BSME ’39)
William Pappathopoulos (BSEE ’66)
Ralph Parker (BSME ’50)
Laverne Froseth (BSEE ’58)
Robert Seidl (BSChE ’40)
Douglas Jeske (BSEE ’88)

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