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Cover of the Spring 2008 issue


VOL. 34, NO. 3





Gift Report 2007
2007 support for the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering

Eric Yin, Deb Holt and Kelly De Haven,

From left: Eric Yin, Deb Holt and Kelly De Haven. As managing senior director, Deb now oversees development activities for the College of Engineering, the School of Business and the Law School. (large image)

Dear Alumni and Friends,

As I travel around the country and talk with you, I am struck by how many of you relate stories about the difference your connection with a professor made in your UW-Madison education. Those of you who earned bachelor’s degrees in engineering have told me countless stories about the faculty member whose class really resonated with you, or whose engaging teaching style made the subject matter come to life. You have told me about the professors who spent extra time talking with you after class, during office hours, or even in the hallway. These gestures, which may have seemed small at the time, made a big difference in your academic lives, and often, in your professional careers.

Many of you who have graduate-level degrees talk about the bond you developed with your major professor and the influence he or she had on your future. Not only was that person your advisor and mentor, but more often than not, he or she also became a valued friend. And after you graduated and took faculty positions of your own or jobs in industry, many of you maintained those friendships, sharing news of weddings, births, career advancements—and even life struggles.

Your UW-Madison engineering education was unique because of these special faculty members who took the time to make it a personal experience for you. In the College of Engineering, we are fortunate to be able to honor a number of faculty members who make a difference. Endowed professorships recognize our “star” faculty—those who go the extra mile—and reward them for excellence both in research and teaching. Financial support that accompanies endowed professorships enables our faculty members and their students to travel to professional meetings, stay abreast of research advances and initiatives, and to purchase crucial laboratory equipment. As one faculty member said: “Professorships provide the ‘margin of excellence’ for us to do our job better.”

Faculty startup packages, endowed professorships or chairships, and graduate fellowships all are key components of a cycle that feeds college excellence. They enable the College of Engineering to attract and retain the best faculty. These professors attract, mentor and train outstanding students, who share and apply their knowledge and expertise to challenges in industry and through university collaborations worldwide.

In some way, College of Engineering faculty have positively affected your lives and careers. Those benefits are exponential. On the following pages, you’ll read thousands of names of college alumni and friends who share a common goal: the desire to fuel the college tradition of educational and research preeminence. Consider adding your name to the list.


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