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Cover of the Winter 2008 issue


VOL. 34, NO. 2





To future engineers and parents

Donald C. Woolston

Donald C. Woolston (large image)

When I talk with engineering students about their educational and career goals, one of the first questions they ask is, “How can I make a difference?”

Because UW-Madison houses a wealth of volunteer and service opportunities—local or global—I can reply, “Apply your engineering skills in a way that best matches what means the most to you.”

Our students join the Peace Corps. They participate on competitive engineering teams. They engineer sustainable environmental solutions for entire communities in places like El Salvador, Africa and Thailand. They add energy and creativity to internships and co-ops in industry. They teach in K-12 classrooms. They live and learn abroad. They build homes for Habitat for Humanity. They conduct medical research (and research in almost any other imaginable field). They launch and lead student organizations. They develop assistive technologies for people with disabilities. They mentor future scientists. And the list goes on.

Our engineering students—like those featured on the following pages—share boundless energy, amazing creativity and incredible vision. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, they receive a world-class engineering education. But equally as important, they also develop skills and make contacts that enable them, as socially responsible engineers, to turn their passion into action—and make a difference.


Don Woolston, Assistant Dean, Engineering General Resources

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