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Ronald L. Rossmiller

Ronald L. Rossmiller

Ronald L. Rossmiller
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"The professor too dumb to come out of the rain," as his Iowa neighbors called him, Ronald L. Rossmiller is at the forefront of his profession as a stormwater engineer and manager. When it comes to stormwater, Rossmiller believes there is no substitute for firsthand observation. His drive to identify assumptions, challenge old methods and see things anew makes him a creative engineer, and his hands-on approach to learning, commitment to the field and enthusiasm make him an effective teacher.

During his 40-year career, Rossmiller has developed new stormwater-design concepts and methods at a time when watershed-planning and management, new flood-control methods and water-quality criteria influenced drainage designs. And he has transferred those concepts and methods to engineers through numerous publications as well as in his work as a continuing-education instructor.

For the past 20 years, Rossmiller, a registered professional engineer, has shared his expertise with countless engineers from around the world through more than 60 University of Wisconsin-Madison Engineering Professional Development courses. Rossmiller's colleagues call him a high-energy, enthusiastic teacher and a favorite in the program who always gets high marks from his students for content and method. His expertise includes design, research and teaching, and ranges in scope from conceptual planning to detailed engineering design.

Rossmiller received his BS in civil engineering from Purdue University, and his MS and PhD in civil engineering water resources from Iowa State University. At Purdue, he was named Outstanding Member of the Class of 1955 by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

He began his career in 1955 at the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, moved to the Iowa State Highway Commision and then to Iowa State University. Rossmiller also has held positions with Wright Water Engineers, Inc., Denver; and HDR Engineering, Inc., Bellevue, Washington.

Currently Rossmiller is an engineering consultant in Everson, Washington. He is a life member of ASCE, and has served on its Urban Water Resources Research Council and its executive committee. He also is a member of the American Public Works Association and the American Water Works Association.

Rossmiller and his wife, Susan, also a native of Wisconsin, have five children, four boys and a girl.

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