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Distinguished Service Award for Paul F. Thiele

Paul F. Thiele

Paul F. Thiele
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In 1997, Paul Thiele and his company were commended by the Georgia House of Representatives for their "valuable contributions to the welfare of the state and the enhancement of the lives of so many of its citizens."

For Thiele, this was a high honor in itself. But it was especially rewarding since he was being recognized for the principles he lives by: working hard, striving to leave the world a better place, being loyal to employees, a willingness to change, being a good citizen and quality supplier, and following the "golden rule."

Thiele, who was born and raised in Wisconsin, attended UW-Madison to study electrical engineering. There, he earned his BS in 1936. After graduation, Thiele worked as an electrical engineer for the General Electric Company, Combined Locks Paper Company and the Institute of Paper Chemistry.

In the 1940s, he and his father founded the Thiele Kaolin Company in Georgia. This company now holds one of the world's largest reserves of kaolin, a fine clay used in ceramics and refractories and as a filler or coating for paper and textiles.

Thiele served as general manager and secretary of the company from 1947-60. He was president and chairman of the board from 1960-80. Since then, he has served as chairman of the board and chief executive officer.

Thiele is also an exceptional contributor to the community. He is an active member of Tennille United Methodist Church and has served on numerous community groups such as the Hosptial Authority, Community Concert Association and the Historical Society. Additionally, he has held leadership positions in many business associations.

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