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Distinguished Service Award for Richard J. Pearson

Richard J. Pearson

Richard J. Pearson
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From universities to hospitals to cruise ships, examples of Richard Pearson's work can be found in dozens of locations throughout the United States. An expert in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, Pearson has distinguished himself as a "hands-on" designer and problem solver in this field.

After earning a BS in mechanical engineering and naval science from UW-Madison in 1961, Pearson served three years as an officer in the U.S. Navy, earning the "Red E" for engineering excellence. He then worked as a sales engineer for The Trane Company in Dayton, Ohio, and in 1969 became a partner at Heapy Engineering, also in Dayton. In 1986, Pearson realized a dream that had been growing for some time: He sold his partnership in Heapy, returned to Madison, and established Pearson Engineering, an independent consulting firm.

In 1983 Pearson was named a Fellow in the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers for his innovative applications of solar energy and building energy management systems. He received that organization's Distinguished Service Award for his pioneering work with building automation systems. Four of his energy design projects have received awards from the society.

Pearson has served on the ASHRAE board of directors and has been chair of its energy management and environmental healt committees. He as provided significant leadership in the development of nationally recognized energy audit procedures as well as guidelines for the prevention of Legionnaire's Disease.

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